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    Then again, that's mainly due to the direction the game went. TE started with literally nothing, but SEGA progressively gave the class an identity through wand melee, therefore making TE the one true hybrid. TE/BR with Rikauteri used to provide very interesting gameplay since banish into Techniques was so unique and fun. But in that whole subclass killing trend, TE suffered the most since it became pretty clear that TE didn't quite have enough "identity".

    Honestly, I was very disappointed with Heavy Hammer, not so much in terms of power or utility, but visually. I mean they could have given it a huge elemental burst or a jump into a big slam, well something flashy, but nope, we just get a pretty classic swing instead.

    As for support, tbh sadly, there is not that much to be done due to how limited the possibilities of buffing people are in PSO2. We all saw what happened to BO fields and Heal bonus. Anything that isn't + damage or + resistance immediately goes into niche territory. I would love supportive compounds but I honestly don't know what effects they could have that would be both original and impactful. Who knows though, maybe I'm missing something.
    maybe a array of PA for TE that are element-locked regardless of wand in use, so FO go spam-tech while TE goes hybrid melee-tech user. instead of mess whit the power or the ability of buffing since is a hard area to balance, if the power of TE shifta/deband/zanverse became too high, then will be considered mandatory to future content (EP3 magatsu for example, requiring a ranger present or it was very likely the run will fail)

    the idea i get from TE is "a class that have extended support power" while BO is "a quick-paced striker whit the ability of indirect support".
    BO support is limited to crit which only FI get a mayor benefit, and PP restorate that depend if you strike the element weakness of target, aside of shifta/deband/zanverse buffs that any casting class could also apply.

    giving TE more melee gimick should give it "identity" instead massive hunter>zondeel>normal>normal>normal.

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    I'd still argue that we should get Te specific Techs and Compounds. Stuff like Ramegid Type-0 or Nabarta Type-0 but using Te elements (Wind, Light, Dark) exclusively. Te specific compounds should focus around Te elements and inflict Te status ailments (Mirage, Panic Poison) because the current ones don't do that and maybe get a damage bonus based on Wand Gear while redesigning Wand Lovers into a temporary buff for Normal Attack Burst Damage, capping Wand Gear temporarily, increasing normal Attack damage & Speed and Tech Explosions damage and range when JA.. A weapon action that does different things based on weapon element would be nice and incentivise the use of Wand E Change.

    Point is Te needs options on how to dispose enemies cause currently there aren't many. Having many options is what makes a class engaging. Hunter, Fighter and Hero have three different weapons (four if you consider Fi/Hu Gunslash), meaning they have three different ways of disposing of enemies. How viable they are is irrelevant for now. Force, Ranger, Gunner, Braver and bouncer have two weapons and with summoner each Pet can be considered a different weapon.
    Techtor only has the Wand. Talis is only there in case of Anga / Phaleg shenanigans and the wand itself has only bonking or techs weaker than Fo. I'd say the easiest way for Sega to make playing Te more engaging is giving Te a mainclass only, Talis specific Boost to Tech damage. Maybe like Talis Element Conversion & Talis Specific PP charge revival? it'd also fix the problem of "Wand can switch elements so why make Element Conversion when the weapon will always match elements anyways" AND We'd be able to affix S-ATK on out Wands and T-ATK on Talis without having to worry about efficiency in both.

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