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    Default Idola: Phantasy Star Saga Livestream 1º

    Date: August 27, 2018
    Time: 21:00 ~ JST

    Automatic conversion time :
    • Official Link YouTube:
    • Official Link PSCP TV:
    • Fan Link YouTube 1 : Coming soon
    • Fan Link YouTube 2 : Coming soon
    • Fan Link Twitch 1 : Coming soon
    • Fan Link Twitch 2 : Coming soon
    • Official Link Twitch : Coming soon
    • Fan Link Mixer 1: Coming soon
    • Fan Link Nico Nico 1: Coming soon
    • Fan Link Nico Nico 2 : Coming soon
    • Fan Link Facebook : Coming soon

    1. Risae Matsuda (Voice actor)
    2. Matsuda Satsumi (Voice actor)
    3. Shuntaro Tanaka (Game Producer)
    4. Tomomasa Chin (Game Director)

    Important Topics
    1. Details game system.
    2. New promo video.
    3. Information about new characters.
    4. And much more.
    I play on Ship 2 and my character's name is Cryska, feel free to send a friend request. PSO2 Ship2 キャラ名「Cryska」未プレイ時は基本的にロビークエストカウンター横に座ってます。見かけましたらお 気軽にフレ登録どうぞ。

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    200 dislikes before it's even live, that's some serious hate going on

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selphea View Post
    200 dislikes before it's even live, that's some serious hate going on
    Honestly, until the game starts to differentiate itself from other mobages and find it's own identity, it's probably going to continue to get flamed by both the Japanese and Western communities for being a generic looking FGO knock-off.

    Even the Twitter having only 25K followers currently is kinda sad because you'd imagine a series with a legacy as long as PS would generate a bit more interest but the general reaction from this project has been negative for both Japan and the West. For comparison, Umamusume, which is being developed by Cygames and isn't released yet, has around 160K followers, but they did have an anime to tie in with the game release that is going to be later this year. Even the USA FGO Twitter account 50K followers and their initial primary form of social media push was Facebook.

    I know Twitter followers is not a concrete measure of interest/popularity by any means, but it is telling that it doesn't even seem like they can hit a sizable buzz there. I feel like they only hit their pre-registration goals because of tie-in rewards in PSO2 and because people want that free Kuna. lol

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    yeah, that recent interview they had made some pretty big slaps-in-the-face too. they claimed they wanted to do a turn-based party rpg to be more like the classic series, but if they wanted to do that, then how come they were showing off single-charcter supermoves when the old games focused more on macros and combination attacks between party members. heck they should have done a behind-the back camera perspective for battle, and had the game play in portrait aspect ratio. it would have been more acceptable to just upfront say that somebody wanted to make an FGO clone than to lie to our faces like this.

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    Combination skills are an exclusive mechanic from Phantasy Star 4, not the previous ones, it defined that game, not the series, I'd say the front camera either first person or on their back is what identifies them the most, and yep, IDOLA is not like that, cant sell gacha characters if you are only showing ass (or maybe they are losing a big opportunity here lol).

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    Speaking of Twitter, Soul Reverse Zero, which is also published by SEGA, seems doing fine at 21K followers (in terms of the service still live in 2 years, cause mostly dead in 1 year, not in terms of their financial goal).

    If in this game, we assume that around 10K - 20K followers are mobile players who barely knew what PS is and/or other mobile gamers who've been playing SEGA mobile games, and the rest are PS sympathizers or true fan who is willing to play anything about PS, then they may be successful.

    Aside of how I despise this one game, this is a good pattern because the mobile players are new, and the fans (either or both SEGA mobile games and PS) who still want to play this may be the spenders. It's a perfect scenario.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selphea View Post
    200 dislikes before it's even live, that's some serious hate going on
    stop working on mobage and actually work on content this Ep, its so bad

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    calling a mobage an rpg
    wait is gonad order supposed to be a role playing game now too
    what a load of shit

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    wow 600 dislikes now

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    I'd just like to point out that for Digimon's 15th anniversary Bandai made 4 games for the PSP, 3DS and Vita, the ladder receiving a PS4 port once Bandai decided to localize those games again. All 4 of these are very well regarded by the small fanbase.

    Sega? ah f*ck it, release a mobage designed to suck your wallet dry to celebrate 30 years of a franchise that used to be one of the best exclusives on the Sega hardware. Yeah it really beats me why people are pissed off about it. Make a Phantasy star themed Pachinko while you're at it.

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