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    Question Can't Complete Bingo 2018? (Quna???)

    I can't find anything about this Quna character that supposedly does seasonal concerts or when the next one might be, and apparently you need to talk to her to complete the Bingo Card for 2018. <_<
    Does anyone have any information on how to find out when the next concert will be? Are they like, 4 times a year or something? Is the next one soon or not until the end of the year (assuming they are still going on since, from my googling I've seen the last concert being Dec. 2017)?
    I'm so confused Dx I don't see why you'd have to talk to her character if they don't do the concerts anymore, so I hope they do even IF it's not until the end of the year.

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    She located at highest point of shop area.
    If you still can't find her, try check if you at EP5 (talk to Xiera at bridge to switch between EP4 & EP5).

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    Quna is located in the Shop Area on the walkway above the center lobby decoration. The easiest way to go to her is to go through the teleporter directly across from the main campship gate.
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    Ah thank you both so much << I play with my gf and she just got to the last part of her bingo card and we're like where this Quna be at tho xD

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