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    For once, I actually like the male costume that won( hooray for bein cool without being way over-designed and making the traditional armor elements discrete and focus on the sci-fi vibe instead; hooray for sound designs actually being rewarded) and hate the female ones with a passion, and it's usually the reverse

    aside from that a few cool things but yeah, why do we need a traditional JP costume every year without exception. Aside from that the Gilnas accessory and the winning haircut are cool, but yeah nothing mind-blowing especially considering all the slick designs that got the shaft...yet again
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    Enough with the cool weapon camos! We need the joke ones!
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    Quote Originally Posted by oratank View Post

    the best
    I can already see someone with mini suit wearing this tenfold of it's original size and making it floating all over the place.

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    Very disappointing results, nothing interests me here. Well, I could try the launcher camo which looks like a magical rod because it could give me the illusion I play the hybrid R/T Class we'll never have. And that big boob accessory finished me off. Maybe we'll have the big package accessory for males, next time...

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