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    Default 6th Year Anniversary: Item Design Contest Winners Result!

    Well... I don't see anyone talk about this. (Maybe already in discord?)
    So I'll put the result here.

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    Hmm ... I wonder how it'll turn out for #1 weapon camo .... especially with photon color location (I think the yellow part can't be changed, right?).
    And it support TMG !!!!!!

    Costume #2 and accessory #2 both looks interesting ..... but will have to see once it's available in-game.

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    Theres not a single thing here that i actually like :3

    Well.. first and 2nd place weapon are ok, just not really my aesthetic

    "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

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    I'm curious about the eyelashes and photon glasses thingy, would be nice to see something built around those.

    The rest just feels like more of the same, especially costumes.
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    Most finalist costumes looked very similar to what we already have in the game, and the rest either had no realistic chance of winning or were another pointless joke item no one except troll characters will use (trash can, really?). So, don't really care about the victors because I'm equally "whatever" on all of them.

    Same for hairstyles.

    The only thing that really interests me are accessories.

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    A butterfly themed costume? well sign me up.
    How long till we get these in a scratch? I assume january?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XrosBlader821 View Post
    A butterfly themed costume? well sign me up.
    How long till we get these in a scratch? I assume january?
    The past few years the Winners Design scratch has been around April/May.

    Winners Design 1: January 22, 2014
    Winners Design 2: (Side A) February 25, 2015/(Side B) March 11, 2015
    Winners Design 3: (Side A) April 6, 2016/(Side B) May 11, 2016
    Winners Design 4: (Side A) April 5, 2017/(Side B) May 10, 2017
    Winners Design 5: (Side A) April 25, 2018/(Side B) May 23, 2018

    I'm liking most of the camos and hairstyles, but really none of the costumes. The only accessory that really appeals to me is the skin-colored horns.
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    it's all over isn't it

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    Its an accesory so yes, its all over, we´ll see oppai rappies now.
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