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    Default Sooooo. Before I even start playing this game .......

    Can I get a +99 Spread Needle gun? Cuz if not then screw it!!!

    Just wanted to drop buy and express my disbelief we don't have this here in good old US of A. It saddens me and has for years and will continue to do so. Sigh.

    Other than that I read here from time to time to see how this game has changed over the years. Good to see this old place up and running after all these years.

    See yas.

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    this game has been playable in the good U ES of A for about 6yrs now (with translated menu's) and will continue to be until the next iteration is out. I forgot the US websites have all shut down for w/e reason too

    but no, you cant get a +99 Spreed Needle cuz +35 is all you get to have friendo

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