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    Default I can't play pso2

    I can open the game and then its loading after that it lost I mean every time I try open it the game pop and it runin and its shut. T T

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    You need to be more specific about the problem.

    - Up to what point does the game run normally?
    - What does it do differently at the point it crashes?

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    Sorry its kinda appear that its open then it instantly shut

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    I open by Pso2 tweaker normaly and the game is open after without even seen the game's opening its shut

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    This is utter guesswork, but here are some things to try:
    1. Use Tweaker to run a file check on PSO2 (in the Troubleshooting menu?). If it finds any problems, it should automatically fix them.
    2. Uninstall PSO2, then use the Tweaker to reinstall it.
    3. Your antivirus software may be blocking PSO2. Try setting a security exception for PSO2.exe within your antivirus software.

    Note that there is a support forum on this site. Requests for help like this usually belong there.
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    Really thank you very much! I fixed it at last~

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