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    The stats on Doom Break II are actually pretty nice. It has the same stats as Arks MAX plus 3 PP, It looks like something that you would only transfer on Dudu week though (unless Doom Break II + Doom Break II + Doom Break II transfers at a decent rate).

    As for the mystery affix, I bet I am not the only one who wondered if the five reverie affixes could be combined into the Ep.5 version of Astral Soul or Ether Factor. It looks like the mystery affix may be part of such a recipe, but this recipe may need a special affix from True Dark Falz to produce one or more of the other ingredients.
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    The other one is called "Omega Memoria" (オメガ・メモリア), confirmed by SEGA
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    I'm guessing Omega Memoria will be the Ether Soul of this catastrophe, and we'll need Elder/Loser/Apprentice/Double/Persona Reverie to create 4 Reverie Catalysts for Astral Reverie or something

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