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    Default Trick or Treat 2018 EQ

    welp I just played this EQ for the 1st time and.. what? turrets are very OP

    what do I think about this quest? well, no doubt why they limited the mpa to 8 ppl because it is quite easy.

    Most of the EQ is about spamming turrets on enemies, though some normal mobbing.

    Not to mention about the barrels, because if destroyed properly in some areas like the tranmizers one for example, could even make things faster.

    8/10 yeah, fun EQ is fun

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    got ares wl on my first run


    i hate the eq tho. something about it really ticks me off.

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    My first runs were enjoyable cause people keep going straight to the bombs are and die because of it over and over cause they insist to stay around the spot thinking the bombs won't spawn anymore. =)
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    I like the EQ. Wish seasonals were always about silly gimmicks

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    I prefer way more 2017 one but I don't dislike the new either. 8p kinda makes it more fluid to run. Seasonals are braindead stuff and this one no exception

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