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    >Revive race differences somehow. Also, replace the cutscene heavy story with story that happens as you play the game.
    That's another game. You want to play another game.
    Oserez-vous percer le mystère de la malédiction ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorak000 View Post
    remove star gems, make star gem content use gross amounts of FUN instead

    remove the gatchas and implement an outfit cataloge for outfit/accessory direct-purchase, include old outfits and accessories too

    make everything tradeable

    make AC tradeable.

    there would need to be a lot more other changes in order to keep whales spending on AC, but im not really going to put much more thought into this
    kek well whales wouldnt be whales if they could just straight buy what they wanted instead now, even if there is a market for penny pinching players, theyre more than willing to throw a couple of bucks buying said outfit and still not have to spend a whole lot in the long run and still get what they need

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    After all this XH Forest stuff that's been going on, all I can really want is normal Dark Falz Hunar types to get a boost to match their Omega Falz Hunar types. The difference between Falz Hunar and Omega Hunar is utterly depressing.

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