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    Quote Originally Posted by Will_2_Power View Post
    Alright... just a quick comment coming through based on my observations.

    So after trying out Ph for several days, and from watching some Ph Endless Runs (ぴょんす's run/explanation of how to do Endless on youtube) for reference, to better myself, it appears that in general:

    Rod > Rifle > Katana

    And yeah, like what Steve said, with rod, it's best to just be mainly using Techs.

    So the "optimal" playstyle is to basically/mainly play like Fo while occasionally using Rifle for quick mobbing (Kugel), precision/head-shots (Nacht or Shifted Kugel) in TPS mode

    Katana, it seems, is the weakest link of the 3 weapons, and kind of superfluous; whatever it can do, the other two weapons can do it better.
    with strictly t-atk units, katana is basically useless for ph yes (you'd only really use it for masquerade if anything). that being said, katana is still quite strong, but it's much less intuitive than rod phantom. for t-atk phantom, anytime you're hitting a boss where striking damage ends up better than tech DPS (gal gryphon or UH variant, UQ lilipa cats/guranz, DF elder), the first rod PA is decent. if you have hybrid atk units, or at least t-atk focused with some s-atk, katana is still better in these situations than rod.

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    Thank you pointing out striking damage vs. tech damage and situations where Katana is better than Rod.

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