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    Quote Originally Posted by Kondibon View Post
    Augh. i-frames are nice, but I really just want them to cut the initial pp cost so I can use it like a backstep, not the drain.
    I'm trying to think of a Castlevania joke.
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    If they're gonna make it so that Type-0 and regular Techs/PA can be used at the same time maybe Sega will finally take more care when balancing stuff like regular SaFoie and NaZan. These are both Melee ranged Techs, clearly meant for Te but since the Type-0 Versions exist Sega doesn't bother with making them viable options whatsoever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maninbluejumpsuit View Post
    Forever Loner
    -- Only one player has this title so far (GU/FI).

    What do you do for that title?

    yay he got it!!! so like did he get something like a prize or something.. I mean that was quite a bit of time spent ... ??
    how far will the title go ??

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