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    Default DengekiPS (669) + Famitsu (11/8) Scans - MHFZZ collab

    Haven't done this in a while, figured I'd do up one for old times' sake, and because I'm bored at work.

    Just a bit more media for people to consume w/rt the MHFZ collab tomorrow. Some of it you've already seen on other sites like Bumped, other things you haven't seen (like the camos). Since it literally got its own Pseudo insert, I'm leaving all of the pages from the Dengeki side intact, including the MHFZ part, and the interview as well (though I will not be translating this since I'm still at work).

    Images are not as huge in size as my previous posts, but because there's so many of them all at once, they're still placed in separate spoiler boxes, otherwise it's going to end up with 16MB of image downloads.

    Dengeki PSO2+MHFZ special

    Page 1


    Page 2-3

    Page 4-5

    Page 6-7


    Page 8-9


    Page 10-11


    Page 12-13


    Page 14-15


    Page 16


    Famitsu 11/8 Spread


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    Wow, it's been a while. Thanks for sharing this publicly!
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