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    Default Bravery Hunter AC Scratch (07 Nov 2018 - 05 Dec 2018)


    No real comment here; gonna have to wait to see things in-game.

    Wait at least 5 minutes before quoting me; I'll most likely edit my post within that time.

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    Was gonna get アスール・レプカF but I just checked the boots and I don't seem to like it on my char. Just gonna grab it if it's lower than 1m, if ever. Just gonna grab the inners for this one. =/

    Oh crap no the hairs are good, starting from ハッピーヘアー. I'll become poor now. Nooo... )x
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    How disappointing.
    Le Temps Detruit Tout
    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    sega really love to ruin everything with shoes

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    This scratch really sucks.
    Got only Tender Emerald Moon [Ba], Elegant Knee Highs B, Azul Earrings F and Halo Circle B.
    Other stuff are shit or overpriced mediocrities.
    Curious about LA's but I don't have spare money for them anyways.

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    I'm interested in the Idol stuff, but that's probably the most expensive besides the cast accessories. :/

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