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    Default New Friend Code List for New Server

    Hi all. Just thought I'd open a new thread for FCs seeing as there is a new server so deleting the WFC settings (which you need to do to set up) will create a new FC. Therefore all previous threads/posts will be null and void.

    So I shall start the proceedings:

    Name: El Noel
    FC: 2196 4373 2012

    Please only post your FC once you are set up on the new server, otherwise there will be no point as it will change if you want to play online.

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    Name: wUbInG
    FC: 1766-9405-9738
    Server: Wiimmfi
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    Name: Motto
    FC: 1552-1922-7993

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    name: Agastya
    FC: 3742-6255-9545

    may not be around much lol
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    name: Brandon
    FC: 5288-8138-3336

    Ping me on Discord for games, I'll always respond if I'm not busy or sleeping.

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    Name: Elru
    Fc: 2582 9829 9487
    Server: wiimmfi

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