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    To anyone reading, myself and MottoMonku are going to be playing at 4pm EST this coming Sunday.

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    Had fun playing today. If anyone is interested in playing let us know when you can play and we can schedule something.

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    Is there a new link to the Discord? I finally got my hands on this game and will be attempting to play it online ASAP, can't wait
    Is Wimmfi the more popular server?

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    There are a couple of discord servers where people arrange matchmaking for DS games.
    The link below is the one I usually go to. Others in this forum are also in this discord.
    At what times during the week do you think you would play?

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    Name: Yashyra
    FC: 1766 9443 0276
    Server: Wiimmfi

    I won't be joining just yet, only level 8 but planning to beat the main game as soon as possible and get to level ~30 so I can join in with you guys. That said if you decide to do anything I'm basically free during the week... Also the discord link didn't work for me, is there a new one? Thanks!

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    Hm the link seems to have died MottoMonku, got another one? May be my Discord acting up.

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    Can I get a Discord link too? Trying to find players

    Phantasy Star zero friend code is 0134 8582 7040 in Wiimmfi

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    Name Elru
    FC 1638-0928-4414

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