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    Default Christmas Fantasy AC Scratch (05 Dec. 2018 - 09 Jan. 2019)


    Really liking all the dresses in this one, and there is actually a green one in there! I'm also really happy about that new Hitsugi hair; I've really been looking forward to it since she had it in the story.

    Also, remember, one more week for the current SG scratches; ARKS Battlewear II SG Scratch arrives next week.
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    Hitsugi hair is good indeed. Gonna try to pair with Snow Fantasia. I like the jacket.

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    Super happy with this scratch. Going to burn all the meseta I saved from previous ones on this c:

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    I like the snow phatnasia BA .. but it is expensive like 21m expensive zzzzz

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    Best thin about this scratch is definitely the Aika Ribbon revival but im not feeling any of this years winter outfits

    Also poor Rina. Her costume got the Zelcius threatment for no reason.

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    Like previous scratch I disappointed in this one too.
    Got only LA's, Snow Fantasia Crimson [Ba], 2nd Aika Hair GV for alts and few accessories from it.

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    Me, a few weeks ago: "Time to save up some meseta"
    /this scratch happens

    RIP piggy bank.

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    been looking at the snow phantasia however prices are not really dropping.. eh what are the chances of getting one at all if I were to scratch it ??

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    The percentages litterally are on Sega's site.
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    i do not see it on the PSO2 site.... have a link please?

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