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    Quote Originally Posted by TakemiShinnosuke View Post
    any HR clear video?
    Check the last post of the previous page.

    Though one thing to note, before he powers up, I find it much easier to dodge his attacks by dodging to the left than to the right, I often get hit when trying to dodge to the right (happens a few times in the video I linked in the last page).
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    I sometimes dodge his grab attack by simply standing still and attacking so frankly I'm not sure what piece of advise I could give.

    The way his double slash with timeskip works is very weird to me. I seem to only be able to counter the second slash.
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    hr counter should work on the time stop but it's very early. if you see yourself take a small amount of damage, that's what freezes you and you countered too late. i just spent an hour practicing with a 1* katana in story, i'd recommend it to anyone having trouble.

    edit: i just tested in story and hr can counter it. it's just very early. the grab can generously be avoided with brightness end parry as well.
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    The time stop hit would be just when he starts swinging his sword at you. I've been hero countering that pretty reliably.

    My suggestion for him is to switch to tmg and dodge when you see him start moving his sword out of the pose, that way if you get hit by the time stop u still would get the iframe from the counter if you are invisible in the time stop.
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    To avoid the time stop, use dodge at the right time, he starts using it at Phase 2
    When he is doing this pose it means he is going to use it

    Wait until he jumps and start spining
    Dodge here

    Also for some reason some people dont know, but you can break free of the time stop if you move fast in circles (this also applies to Luther time stop and any stun move) so if it freezes you there is not really a problem

    You can also block/counter his teleport grab if you didn't know

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    I haven't seen anybody say anything about it, so I will post it here: it looks like the time freeze is a STUN, so you can shake out of it. Getting out of it early can help you deal with the big attack afterward. I also noticed that the big attack seemed to be aimed at where you were frozen. I was hit with it in mid-air at low double jump height, then I shook out and landed. His big attack then whiffed over my head.

    Disclaimer: note that I have only fought up to level 4 because I haven't had much time to play. It's possible that the time freeze changes properties at higher difficulties.

    Edit: my statement about the time freeze was ninja'd
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    I think I'm just a shitter at this rate because my first and only clear took 10:43; I ended up killing him with Elder DB
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    Quote Originally Posted by Traumin View Post
    I think I'm just a shitter at this rate because my first and only clear took 10:43; I ended up killing him with Elder DB
    Hey, at least you survived and win (and experienced smashing the guy with DB).
    I'm pretty sure despite of how many success we find here, there are still those who end up dead all the time and still trying their best.

    Well not sure if later stages will require everyone to end up using DB (in terms of benefit) or not, we'll see.
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    At least I cleared each stage on first try so far. Somehow he resisted katana counter most of the time.

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