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    You have all of them here. Plus weapons, characters and what they can do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BitterMarion View Post
    I need help picking characters to promote for my higher level (5 star) team.

    The team I am using right now is half water, half wind:

    L: Amane (4), Quna (1), Melissa (4), NY Stella (0).
    C: Stella (0), Zora (0), Jasper (2), Nadia (1).

    I only have one other character of rarity 5, it's Law Xmas Rosalinde (1), and the rarity 4, level 60 characters I have available for upgrading are the following:

    Water: C Ema (4), C Walter (2), L Abeyu (1), N Lana (2).
    Wind: C Sasha (4), C Shibakuro (3), Hermina (4), L Popopurin (3), N Tania (2).
    Fire: C Karin (4), C Lycaon (2), N Seraphy (2), N Duncan (0).
    Earth: L Kyrion (1).

    Right now I have items to upgrade 2 characters' rarity to 5, and I can get 2 fate scrolls from the free fields, all the characters are already fate forked except for Hermina, Jasper and Zora.

    I am not sure on what to do, needless to say I have never been good at killing Gemini, but I can kill Leo and Aries most of the time, I feel like Zora isn't pulling her weight and was considering switching her for Sasha, I also feel a bit sad having Rosa warming the bench...

    Thank you for your help, in advance.
    From what it looks like (and I hope this is completely intentional by Sega, and not just a coincidence of being new with few # of characters), I don't think you are supposed to ever really have a 'one-size-fits-all/meta' type of team. They seem to want to have everything setup so you are required to specifically use different characters/teams for different things.

    This is good for the long term health of the game, because a lot of mobage doom themselves early when they find a popular (i.e. profitable) character and then release several OP versions. This leads to a 'you basically have to use this team or you won't win' kind of situation, and that's about when mobage say their final farewell. Luckily, they seemed to have learned from original Stella already (I hope), because she is borderline being too much as it is, main character or not (she basically has everybody's positives and barely any negatives).

    Now you can have a utility team though, as in, one that just uses say your most powerful or most multi-target skill/EB characters, etc, for running through things like the lvl.60 Dailies and the like, but I don't think any one team is ever supposed to be able to face off against every Idola and every mission available (I barely have any characters since I started just before Christmas, and I have separate teams for each Idola, one for Dailies, one for Bond raising, etc).


    Zora was the 4* that I rerolled for to get as my starting 5*, but I didn't know the role the 'Dancer' class had at the time though. I actually stopped using her for a short while because I thought she was kind of.. idk, but it felt like being more or less frozen for two turns was a massive drawback for a measly 15% or so. But it seems in Idola, so far at least, 15% actually means something unlike in PSO2, so I started using her again shortly after. I still use her now, as she boosts Jasper (support) for his heavy attacks, and then use her cooldown reduction skill on Quna (Chaos) to bring back her heal+regen faster. The heal isn't that great, but it's the regen that helps a lot. (I may be swapping Quna and Nadia between their roles in Law/Chaos though, just waiting to see what comes with the update first before deciding.)

    As for Christmas Roza, I have to kind of agree with you that she ended up being quite underwhelming. A large part of her Chaos setup is based on the enemy needing to have Burn active, but all of her skills only have a 10-20% chance of triggering it (and this time it actually feels like a PSO2 10-20%). I only have two 5* characters (three if you count the boosted starter 4*) and she unfortunately gets benched quite often. Her EB isn't strong enough without the boost (and even with Burn active it still isn't that impressive). I did look into Karin's skills a bit though (she is the only 3* I do not have yet), and it looks like Christmas Roza might have possibly been made with the idea of running Karin together with her in the same team, as a lot of her skills/etc have pretty high Burn %'s iirc.

    Oh, and as for not being able to defeat Gemini, I don't think that is on you/your team specifically. There just doesn't seem to be anything strong enough from Fire's side to really be able to compete with the combination of Speed+Buffs+All-attack EB that Gemini has, or at least I haven't really seen anybody put up too big of numbers compared to peak setups vs other Idola, but I could be wrong.

    I may be wrong with some of this info though. I am still a bit new to the game and can only test mostly with what I have available.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sizustar View Post
    Ch.6 comes with Jasper(5* Wind dual sword guy) job change

    And his EB is as follow

    Chaos - Single target, after use speed down, and the lower your HP the higher hte attack
    Light - Single target, after use speed down, if defeat enemy with it, CD is down.
    From the sound of it, looks like most will probably stay Chaos then (since he is kind of the go-to support character for Water Idola battles, or imo anyway, unless CD means something other than skill cooldown); which is good imo, or for me at least, since my setup to face Water type Idola focuses mainly on buffing him (as a support) and using his EB as the main point of attack/damage. Wasn't looking forward to the possibility of everybody changing to Law, as I wouldn't be able to do that anymore (I think his Law version looks odd anyway, but just my opinion).

    Also, that Law EB animation looks like it might destroy/melt my phone , didn't check the Chaos one. The updated Chaos version also benefits from/for Idola battles I would think, especially those pesky Aries ones where he might be getting somewhat low on HP when he gets the second EB off (he's usually okay for the first, unless facing something you shouldn't be).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Angry_Ryudo View Post
    You have all of them here. Plus weapons, characters and what they can do.
    It is not in the database, that why i asked? please help

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    Quote Originally Posted by diamondx View Post
    It is not in the database, that why i asked? please help

    :/ Please look more closely next time.
    Le Temps Detruit Tout
    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zysets View Post
    They said it had a connection since the very start. Idola is meant to be a game with a connection to PSO2 that doesn't require playing PSO2 to understand, since they also want it to be a separate project.

    Basically if you play both, cool, you have a nice much more in-depth idea of the backstory and world, if not, then you're okay. Idola basically takes a page out of Phantasy Star III on the Mega Drive/Genesis, anyone who's played that will probably understand the direction Idola has.
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    So this new dark falz is "Dark Falz Theater" (google translated).
    Now I realized why the game BGMs are elegant and epic.

    Could it be she is the Dark Falz behind IDOLA music of every Dark Falzes?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LinkEP View Post
    So this new dark falz is "Dark Falz Theater" (google translated).
    Now I realized why the game BGMs are elegant and epic.

    Could it be she is the Dark Falz behind IDOLA music of every Dark Falzes?
    This was actually something they mentioned at the start of the game, and mentioned again in Quna's sidestory.

    Quna herself must probably be completely relieved that the Dark Falz of this world has been revealed, and seems to be a lesser threat than what she's used to in her proper universe.

    Anyway, half stamina cost on Free missions. This is when you want to farm for Psychowand pieces.

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    So back to older posts, colosseum high risk quest at 25 cost... Should be the best quest to level up right now
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    what will be the best place to hunt for psycho wand fragments at, Recommend missions and locations please? Thanks in advance.

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    In the current Law missions/quests (where you use just Chaos unit), Roza can drop Chainsword fragments. I had one drop earlier (first run on the Lvl.60 one oddly enough, so I would assume she drops them on the Lvl.80 one as well/at a higher rate).


    Also, for the Idola White Crystals, suggestions for the priority order of the items after Hermina? I have 413 left. I am guessing the Elusion fragments, since they don't seem to be listed as obtainable anywhere else? Or should I grab the 5* EB item as well (I have two atm)?
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