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    Speaking of arena coins, I know one of the in-game news posts mentioned a second round/grouping/etc for the arena coin gacha, but didn't notice a date or anything on it (might have overlooked it for all I know). Is it just something that shows up after completing the first 9 steps, or will it be a full reset across the board/game at some point?
    - Added Limited Doll on Step 2 and 4
    - Added 1000x Star Dia on Step 5
    - Removed prizes in Step 1, so we only have 8 steps now.

    I don't think sega mention a specific date for the gacha ends, but I've seen the expiration date for Arena Coin (Red) via inventory, it saids August 6.

    ※ The Step resets when all prizes are dawn in the Final Step
    ※ When a new Arena Gacha is added the Step will Reset to the Initial Step


    Quote Originally Posted by nyaaaaa View Post
    Also, how often have you guys encountered the Ido-rappy battle thus far, and what are the drop rates for the Rappy Cannon fragment from your experience?
    3 times here:
    1st - 1 fragment
    2nd - 0 fragment
    3rd - 3 fragments

    Quote Originally Posted by nyaaaaa View Post
    Oh and there is a second limited doll available so far. It is a reward for a lvl.88 free quest after clearing the AoT story. Although unless you have a completely maxed Stella and bring another one with you, it isn't exactly easy (I tried twice and got close but didn't clear it; but I still don't have orig. Stella + and my Water team isn't the greatest anyway).
    I think it's doable without Stella, cleared mine with these characters:
    Law: Nadia, Abeille, Flami, Sasha
    Chaos: Anna, Walter, Astraea, Barnabas
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