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    where can I find or get " Soul Symbol "Perfect Morning"" at yall? Thanks in advance.

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    It's in the shop, for 200 Star Beast Medals.

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    Do everybody else's Idola summons get killed super fast in JP day times? Mine do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lyrise View Post
    It's in the shop, for 200 Star Beast Medals.
    how can i obtain Star Beast Medals? thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by diamondx View Post
    how can i obtain Star Beast Medals? thanks in advance
    Summoning Idolas and defeating at least 25 units of other players. You get more defeating 50, 75 and 100.

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    Your weekly rankings will also provide much more, even if you do poorly.

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    So is there a chance they may add items to the game to increase a character's limit break level, or do you have to gacha for the limit break dupes? Just curious, since I actually managed to draw Christmas Rosalinde, but that basically means you have to get all of the extra copies now, unlike a regular 5* that is always available, no (or at least until next Christmas)? I played a game a couple years ago that had a similar +1/2/3/4 mechanic like this one's limit break, and they never added an item like that, so should I try drawing again for that 1.50% lottery chance, or just assume she will always be left at 1/5 of her potential? (Or by some highly unlikely chance, would a regular Rosalinde count as well?)

    Also, is there any way to check who did how much damage to your summoned idola? I know you can check its remaining stats, and the feed shows kind of who attacked it or whatnot, but thought it was odd that I left a D+ rank Leo overnight and came back to 67 people defeated (previous results before that one were: 8, 6, and a bunch of 0s and 1s), yet had a C+ summon get taken out by three or four people, without him taking out a single person, within minutes of summoning him earlier . Seemed odd, or maybe I am misunderstanding the 'people defeated' part.
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    I think that Idolas tend to be beaten faster and kill less players when summoned in japanese daytime.

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    The Rank of Idola you summon can only be viewed by a subset of people, and that's why teams are a good and a bad thing.

    You summoning a D-rank Idola means a player who has a battle rank of Hope 1 or higher cannot see it unless a teammate or a friend/follower asks for help. Your D rank Idola basically ripped through a whole bunch of beginners (most of which can't even join a team), while your C+ got crushed pretty quickly because a more powerful spread of players could see your summon. This system prior to the rebalance made sense since the battle ranks had a more narrow scope of who they could attack, but the last rebalancing widened the scope of battle ranks that can see each Idola rank, and as a result, your idola might end up fighting something way too strong for it, at the cost of their points being capped. (Quick example: If I pick on a B rank Idola sitting at Ace3 rank, I could take the whole thing down or just destroy an arm, and be capped at 11.1k point, where conversely, I could destroy no parts on an S rank Idola, and score 60k.)

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    Does anyone know when will 4 Star Ticket Gacha ratings shuffle? I don't wanna waste my tickets for Popo Pudding.

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