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    Default Miyabi Romantica AC Scratch (18 DEC 2018 - 23 JAN 2019)


    Alma ball, Alma ball, really want that Alma ball; will it be expensive, it surely will, but I am gonna foot that bill! Watch out! I want that Alma ball!
    Oh, also, I hope the yuki-onna parts actually look good on one of my caseals.

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    Alma ball it is!

    And gonna try this hair 逢魔結い too, not sure though.
    Back to Phasion Star Online 2 with newly fresh ARKS mission routines. \o/
    RIP Klotho, Episode 1 - 5
    RIP Elzelion

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    low-key remodeling scratch, at least some cool accessories save it.
    im more into new effect, recolored io headgear(love old one). will do full cos spring breeze/io since both will be cheap.
    gotta take the missing io hair (been thinking about buying it for 7m, lucky that i didn't). a no to alma hairs, got the windshield one and never actually used it.
    can't wait for Armeure hair revival so i can make jokes out the ppl who bought it at 300m

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    Will try to get katori's hair since it's been a while I was curious to see one of my chars with them. Hopefuly they won't be too expensive (I think it's been a while since they got a revival(?) ). One of the new Alma's hair variant (eventually) and some accessories. I want more sci-fi oriented stuff sega. K thanks. Anyway ima try to avoid as much as possible the waste of mesetas for fashion because of 15* arrival.

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    Cant even be damned to let Ragol Memories be used for this too. Fucking please.

    "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

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    Every time you post the new scratch it's so dissapointing, because then I find out I still need to save up 80 million for the Yorha A2 hair to finish my me.
    Something new I guess.

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    Got LA's, hairstyle and accessories again. Very liked Armorous tattoo - it's cool and cheap.
    Something always overpriced, and now it's Amorous Stockings.

    But basewears SUXX. They're fucking FLAT, any curves only textured on them... /FACEPALM

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