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    We fucked up, 100% triboost compensation.

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    F*uck tri boost and salon pass (we are showered with both anyway). 1 million xp tickets please =_= b

    Quote Originally Posted by NightlightPro View Post
    if they ever do a rollback, what about the ppl who charged AC before EM

    rip AC/ money?
    Good question as I made 20m+ already selling goldmat surplus. Bought some stuff too... :/
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    if they ever do a rollback, what about the ppl who charged AC before EM

    rip AC/ money? (unless it will still be saved)
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    I think the only thing they're reverting is the stone...

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    probably wopal TA


    they haven't done a rollback in like years, they will just fix the bugs and delete the stone from inventory/titles

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    I was kinda expecting stupid things like this to happen. Should've had patched it last week to avoid bugs like this lol

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    So Sega just tweeted this.

    Seems its not ending until 3:00 JST.
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    Maintenance end at 3 am JST...mmmk ._.

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    Also seems the damage values of 15*s were ridiculously high. People were doing insane damage with these weapons and they weren't supposed to. I even noticed my Atra EX JBs were doing 2x the damage compared to the normal Atra.
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