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    Default New Raid: "Specter of Destruction" - Impressions, Strats etc

    Now that most of us have gotten to do the first run, what were your thoughts on it? To me by far the best raid best this episode. Apprentice/Loser combo was a lot of fun to fight through. Sucks for classes that can't get super high in the air or keep up with the boss though. Did not anticipate 3 runs on the first EQ either

    Also all the Falz Reveries drop from this EQ so if you want to aim for Mana Reverie, this EQ will hopefully remedy the build for you
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    Kewl, I'm using double set still, since when crafted stat boosts can overcome any full 12* set.

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    still not used to the pattern so i missed so much chain on the EQ.

    btw, with 5 elements changing, from light wind fire electric ice, rip with shien / guren / phrase weak, (additionally DB bouncer). unless you got that rainbow set for that

    and for those who spent so much meseta on elder reverie or save it in inventory. RIP. All of reveries drop in this eq
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    yeah, my engrish is bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by Youmu Konpaku View Post
    still not used to the pattern so i missed so much chain on the EQ.

    btw, with 5 elements changing, from light wind fire electric ice, rip with shien / guren / phrase weak, (additionally DB bouncer). unless you got that rainbow set for that
    It's good to be a Fo/Te sometimes. Seriously, this is probably the easiest final boss to date of an Episode to date.
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    For an XH lvl 90 eq, I was not expecting the eq to be pretty easy.

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    Indeed. That was a really fun and dynamic fight with some surprises (three stages instead of the announced two, time stop not only during the Luther's phase but even on the final form, a really big load of HP, ...). Maybe a little too easy but that will be my only complain about this Boss. I can't wait to fight the other masks.

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    I enjoyed it, but yeah, it was pretty easy. I died twice, once becuase I got cocky relying Automate to proc and got hit with a strong attack while I was at ~55%HP, and the other becuase I wasn't really paying attention to his OH-KO burst; for comparison, I had a good 4+ deaths on my first runs of [PD] and Deus. That said, I liked how hectic it felt and enjoy the shifting between different masks. Also, I got Weapon Form passes without having to deal with Masquerade, so I'm satisfied.

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    This is probably a test ground to see how players fare againts it on XH. Here's hoping its UH variation is a lot more nuts to deal with like Masquerade lol

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    I think this EQ was bad. Most of Persona's Attacks felt like directionless flailing in the air that only hit you by accident, rather than directed attacks. The music in the first two phases was also just he respective falz but without the energy which is like this really big thing PSO2 music has going for it that is now missing, Second phase sounded a lot better but this is still nothing compared to how much fun PD was. Not to mention that Persona suffers from the same problem as Loser where he just doesn't deal enough damage and by the time he starts doing so Arks Level 2 kicks in. Can't wait for the inevitable Trigger Drop in a few weeks that'll end up fixing most issues by his attacks being tougher, without Arks Boost and directed towards a smaller group and thus feeling less random.

    Omega Masqarade is more fun.

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    I didn't even get to fight this boss but just looking at a video of the fight it just seems uninspired and not very fun to fight really. Listened to all the music and it seems very bland for such a major EQ. I'm sure when I actually get to fight it will be disappointed as well. The bright side is the drops are at least good~

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    I didn't even get to fight this boss but

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