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    Took me over 100 EQ runs and 3-4 triggers I bummed off of randoms for free to finish a set, and I'd almost consider my luck better than average... maybe.
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    Yeah, I've probably gotten around there now. 100 kills 3 triggers. Still not a full set. I got 3 leg units before I ever saw another unit. Then a rear finally dropped for me and it was austere. I wanted to cry.

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    Desire Sensor is at full power with this EQ. The only thing I've wanted from this EQ is a Redran S (well, that and the From Change Passes, but those are guaranteed), and I've ended up with 2 Austere Rears, 3 Austere Arms, 2 Austere Legs, 1 Celestial Rear, 2 Celestial Arms, 1 Celestial Leg, 4 Profound Takts, 7 Profound Gunslashes, 1 Profound Sword, and 1 normal 14* Redran. I'm not even sure how many runs this has been in, though I hit my 50 within the first few weeks.
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    for now i got 2 austere rears , a profound: launcher, 2 taks , 3 gunblades(are you kidding me D:< ) and 14* redran and 14*candy ( the one which boost damage base on dark blast)

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    Quote Originally Posted by silo1991 View Post
    3 gunblades(are you kidding me D:< )
    I had more than 20 of them >_<

    Well in about 20 last runs I got a big fucking pile of nothing too T_T

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zulastar View Post
    I had more than 20 of them >_<

    Well in about 20 last runs I got a big fucking pile of nothing too T_T
    damm thats mess up :/ , i got that luck but with val gunblades , in LQs and seasonal EQs i got plenty of those

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    well you can always use them for Reverie Catalyst fodders

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    You can? I just cube them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Saffran View Post
    You can? I just cube them.
    The SAF on those weapons is Reverie Catalyst. So they're quite good if you can find one at 7 or 8 slots (I've found a few with this many). It's also the reason why you can buy an 8 slot Reverie catalyst on the market for much less than the other catalysts. (find a 7/8s profound weapon, grind it to +35, move the SAF/catalyst onto a marketable weapon, profit).

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    I am way past 100 fights and alot of triggers and has yet to get a full set. Got 2 legs and 2 arms though

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