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    Quote Originally Posted by Zephyrion View Post
    What body paint did you use for the pants ? Anyway nice look, I couldn't get anything decent looking with exam leash, so glad someone managed to do something with it !
    Looks like Black Rubber Tights M || ラバータイツM 黒.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anduril View Post
    Looks like Black Rubber Tights M || ラバータイツM 黒.
    You are indeed correct.
    And I guess I read that one wrong, sorry!

    I decided to try another set of boots, they were a bit trickier but I think it fits better.

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    This outfit was pretty much made for Katarin.

    Ship 2:
    Katarin: GUmarl. Lethal precision with a whimsical streak
    "Save the day and look good doing it. That's what this job is all about!"

    Alessandra: FInewearl. A hyperkinetic, photon-fueled mayhem machine.
    "Oho! I actually felt that! You must be pretty strong!."

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    Combat Rider is very nice

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    This scratch is very, very good.

    Le Temps Detruit Tout
    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    I just realized as I was about to begin this post, I only got stuff for my CASTs on this scratch so far, and none of it actual CAST parts.

    Finnian: Finally got Sharp Order Shadow [Ba], so here he is with Zodiac Camo Chestnut [Ou] and Tactical Vest [Ou] (also, no Beast face since it didn't look right with the headset).

    Rhian: Finally got Apprentice Hair for her (still need to get a second one though -_-; ), and the Stella Memories Snow [Ba] today was a pleasant surprise.

    Erin: I haven't really gotten much for her as of late, but I did like how Combat Rider [Ba] looked on her, though I couldn't get the black inner (which I think looks much better) due to my current lack of funds after affix boost week (though hopefully the prices come down a bit more since this scratch will be around for 8 weeks).

    EDIT: Took a bit more time and made a slightly different look for Erin in the Combat Rider Crimson [Ba]:
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    Default パンク

    If you know what パンク is then oh boy this is going to be fun!

    Before you see first funny image, please know in advance that I have zero intention to offend or judge others of their fashion. Thank you.

    Also note I only play in Ship 4, something to add I guess.

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    Buying Effector hair seems to be the final touch
    to go with the Lindwurmb "set"


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    Valyn, your character is absolutely a breath of fresh air. (That is a good thing.)

    "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sayara View Post
    Valyn, your character is absolutely a breath of fresh air. (That is a good thing.)
    Thanks but my name is Yalyn. Interesting. After a decade people still think I am either Val or Valyn, I not any of those two names.

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