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    Default Anyone know where the Damage Calc went???

    Just wanted to check something and the url (even colored as something I have already visited) is now something else, looks like the default error page of the base domain or something.
    A link about google privacy policy and nothing else.
    Google showed me two mirror sites (same domain though) and both have the same non-content now.

    Is there another damage calc that can be used atm?

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    You mean this one:
    Fan Art of my Character & Matoi Defending a City

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    There's also this one
    PSO2 Details: Ship 02 || Sirius-91 Cast || Lacey-458 Caseal || Team: ChibiRoar!

    Quote Originally Posted by Xerenia View Post
    Oh no! What am i going to do, this was my whole entire life, and now it's going to be gone. :C Guess i'll just go and troll other proxies. \_(ツ)_/

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