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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mits View Post
    I'm all for extra AI, but it will have to be something more than "avoid this or you die" to keep us interested. One of the main problems of the gameplay (personal opinion) is that it is too binary in its nature; either you get hit and die, or you get hit and it doesn't matter because of passive healing options.
    Well when I just started this game I was very happy about an ability to avoid incoming damage not by special movement but just few common steps.
    And with time I played I saw that effect getting more lesser. Now it similar as comparsion of normal attacks performed by Fighter and Hero (Sword): Fighter's normals mostly limited by it's weapon model + some visuall effect, but Hero's have a very vast hitbox.
    Now in 2019 only about 10% attacks avoidable by just moving but most of them avoidable ONLY with dodge move or any kind of an invulnerability. It's sad.

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    Yeah the iframes are getting ridiculous. Some attacks are really offending me though, like the timestop swordslash from Masquerade. It will hit you even during charge iframes, but you can sway through it? No fam. No.
    Also, traveling through PAs should not be a thing anymore. Getting over some sort of obstacle through a clever use of PA motion, yeah, sure. Traveling, no.
    As far as healing goes, healed HP could be a factor in the rank.
    And mission ranks should actually matter again. Also emergency interrupts.

    I have to say though, i was pretty bummed that they would suppress the good Clotho quests altogether. I thought those would get nerfed, not erased from existence...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kril View Post
    Also wheres muh fast traveling PAs Sega said they were working on???
    You mean the thing Sega cancelled since like December 2017?

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    Quote Originally Posted by XrosBlader821 View Post
    You mean the thing Sega cancelled since like December 2017?
    Bro im still hung up the Alpha Lobby never returning after they said they'd look into it like idk 5-6yrs ago or something

    They could have added it like the original Ep1/2 did and do it in evens and odds blocks, expand the lobby a bit if needed etc
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