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    Default Next Update 02/06/2019

    I play on Ship 2 and my character's name is Cryska, feel free to send a friend request. PSO2 Ship2 キャラ名「Cryska」未プレイ時は基本的にロビークエストカウンター横に座ってます。見かけましたらお 気軽にフレ登録どうぞ。

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    Gotta love the new affix price search.

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    Man February is ironically going to be a long month, not that i'm complaining, episode 5 has been great, so it's only fair the post-episode months get a tad stale.

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    This valentine scratch had a very low supply since it feels lack luster compared to previous(previous was already a super mainstream collab, and even had Armeure Hair GV to make things worse). All I really want are the non collab hairs, so hoping there is a decent supply this time so prices are not too high s:

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    those non-collab outfits/parts are looking good; I'm not familiar with the source material of the collab, but they at least seem like they would fit into PSO1 setting decently; also I got friends who are excited about it so I'll do what I can to be supportive of them.

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