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    Default February 9th Announcements

    -- Potential: 白銀の輝焔 (Increase Power by 10%. Change your 3rd Normal Attack into an explosive bullet.)

    Endless 2: Electric Boogaloo
    -- Now featuring 35 new rooms!
    -- Duo and Trio play modes and Titles have been added. Drink Shops and Recovery Pods have been added to Interval Areas.
    -- Stage Orders change dynamically based on the number of players.
    -- New SSAs:
    --- S1:Erosion of Power: Grant a 25% chance to inflict the Jellen status when attacking an enemy.
    --- S2:技巧縮減: Reduce PP consumption for 30 seconds upon hitting with a PA/Technique. Has a low chance to grant amplified effects. Triggers Recast upon activation.
    --- S3:撃流の備: Decrease damage taken by 1% for every 300,000 damage dealt. Maxes at 15%.
    --- S3:撃流縮減: Decrease PP consumption by 1% for every 300,000 damage dealt. Maxes at 15%.
    --- S3:撃流の功: Increase Critical Hit Rate by 2% for every 300,000 damage dealt. Maxes at 30%.

    Yamato Factor is still too expensive!
    -- Yamato will return to the schedule in EP6! Furthermore, Yamato Factor's drop rate will be permanently enhanced!

    Where's my Evleda Unit upgrades, SEGA? You've postponed them three times already!
    -- Due for EP6! The upgraded Units will be revealed in Summer!

    Perpetual Madness Trigger?
    -- Due for April (following a rule that EQ must be out for at least a half year before its Quest Trigger is released)

    Why can't I eat Chocolates and Donuts at the same time? Stomach cramps?
    -- The ability to eat Seasonal Food (like Chocolates) and Event Food (Donuts) at the same time will be added in White Day.

    Support Fire doesn't work, SEGA! Fix it!
    -- Issues with Point Assist and Support Fire will be addressed in EP6. (Hopefully. Maybe.)

    Tier 7 Graphics? I want Mother to be so stupidly bright that I go blind!
    -- Unfortunately, Tier 7 is not being considered for EP6.

    Where's Zalure?
    -- Zalure will not be implemented since Weak Bullet more or less takes its place.

    Who's crazy enough to make Returner V 7s?
    -- 9 people! No one has made Returner V 8s yet.

    Who has Forever Loner? Is it more GU/FIs that overwhelmingly dominate the meta?
    -- Yes! 29 players have Forever Loner; 24 are GU/FI, 4 are Hero, and one is FI/HU.

    1100 Titles sounds difficult for a new player! How many can we get now?
    -- A player who is just starting out will be able to get approximately 1400 Titles.

    Stop teasing us and tell us when EP6 is!
    -- EP6's release date will be announced on March 10th!

    -- Persona's Unit drop rate is identical on both Super Hard and Extra Hard difficulties. The main difference between the two are weapon drops.

    More Type-0s please?
    -- Under consideration, but if they are implemented, they will be introduced gradually instead of all at once.

    Can I get Coat Barrel and Coat Talis anywhere else?
    -- Not for now, but other ways to get them will be implemented later.

    Gathering in Enchanted Forest?
    -- No plans at the moment.

    The More You Know
    -- When obtaining a Bonus Key from the Team Shop, the expiration date of the Key is set upon acquisition rather than purchase.
    -- Abend Rose [Ba] has a transparent back.
    -- You can tell where a Wurmritter is burrowing if you walk over the location where it dove underground.
    -- You can access the turret terminals in Urban even if you are in Dark Blast.
    -- Weak Stance does not apply to DF Persona's mask until the mask becomes cracked, even if WB is applied. Once the mask is cracked, Weak Stance becomes applicable if WB is applied.
    -- If you have a weapon with Formchange, Weapon Hologram Ver. 1 will display the original weapon, while Weapon Hologram Ver. 2 will display the weapon after Formchange.
    -- During the "Save the Lillipan!" E-Trial, the Gilnas becomes immune to damage while Dark Blast is active.
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