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    Quote Originally Posted by Flatflyer View Post
    crafted units have been worse since like, end of EP4 my dude.

    not even just stat bonuses, the defense on all units since zein/qliph have just been straight up better than crafted ones.
    Double set crafted for HP : 320 HP / 20PP
    Double set crafted for PP : 120 HP / 40 PP

    There's nothing wrong still using it, pair it with a good 12s rear and the only disadvantage is the 2 missing skill rings.
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    Zerotaker> I can see 21 types of units that are straight up better in the list. You can get some of them for free thanks to Xie's shop and some of them drop like candy in the LQ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kril View Post
    Brb stuck in 2014 with my crafted units
    No math skills, no dispute skills, no lightsream set. Bonus: never had sex. #born2lose
    Happy vain farming, m8
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    I thought that the reason 11* units are out of fashion is because of lower ATK and not because of DEF, HP and PP.

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    Double set does have the highest HP/PP pool possible of any unit combination, even higher than lightstream, though no atk bonus. Is very good considering how accesible it is

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    DarkMits > it's because of rings. And lately because the newer units have better stats overall.
    Echo> 120HP and 20 PP is by far *not* "the best possible of any combination." What "double" units are you talking about?

    Edit: Wasn't Crafting supposed to erase whatver bonus the units had to replace it with the desired bonus? If Double unit set has 40PP instead of 20PP, it should be a bug and not a feature. I guess Sega will be Sega.
    Second Edit: Aah I see it now. It's logical, actually. I guess they're still useful even by today's standards.
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    Dont you lose the s/r/t resist when crafting? Or was that only basic craft?
    I remember having crafted units and getting bodied.

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    You kinda do. PP craft set its to be 4% shoot resistance, while HP craft is 4% strike resist. There is another craft focused in Tech(tech and all 6 elements resists for 4% each) but it gives only 30 HP and 3 PP, so almost no one use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX View Post
    No math skills, no dispute skills, no lightsream set. Bonus: never had sex. #born2lose
    Happy vain farming, m8
    My one missing unit isnt handicapping me in any way bro but your inability to get with the times with 12* units may be impacting your brain cell lifespawn kek you've probably never cleared the last solo Quests (at least depth 50min) or done one lap of Endless. Hurry old man, your units wont last forever GOT'EM

    Let me throw a little extra insight for ya, 12* (and even 11*) Austere and Arm + 12* leg are still top tier, 2nd to a Lightstream set. Crafted Double units dont compare no matter high the crafts are but enjoy no stats double units w
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX - the man stuck in 2014 View Post
    Kewl, I'm using double set still, since when crafted stat boosts can overcome any full 12* set.

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    issue with double units is that while the HP and PP is nice, damage is king in this game and the attack bonus from those 12* units far outweighs the extra HP and PP you gain from the double 11*s

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