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    Exclamation Finding Phantasy Star merch in Japan!!

    2nd UPDATE: I (hopefully) fixed the links! Please let me know if they work now ^u^

    UPDATE: Back in the states, time to show all the PS goods!! Check out the thread to see what we got, where we got it, and how much it was ^u^

    (OLD POST)
    So I've been in Japan with my fiance' for a little over a week now, and we've found a small amount of Phantasy Star merch.
    Not without difficulty, although the current Sweets Paradise cafe collab made it easy and rewarding to find a good chunk of merch in one place. Namely some plushes, bags, phone accessories, gacha pins, body pillows, and a few other nicknacks. (No clothing items sadly)
    Besides that we've found 1 Matoi figure at Trader2 in Akihabara, and a 25th anniversary book and rare retro concept art book in a place/area called Akihabara X (it's under a bridge and possibly a thrift store).
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    I've been to Tokyo last year for about 2 weeks and I mostly only found CD's and manga at the stores.
    What I did was ordering things online to my hotel, I know you donít want that but it's faster than to order to home and probably a bit cheaper too.
    Seems most of the merchandise are usually sold at the Fan Festivals and other events regarding PSO2.

    I know itís not really that helpful, just thought I tell my experience and how I dealt with it. o.o

    Otherwise it helps to check about any shop you see, sometimes you get lucky.
    My girlfriend for example found a Rappy pin inbetween lots of other anime merchandise at Narita Airport, but nothing else sadly.

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    You might have some luck finding stuff 2nd hand shops like Mandarake or something. Like ive found limited edition rythmn music merch in 2nd hand shops. Theres an entire mall sized place in Nakano you may wanna consider.

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    So here i will post all the goods we got while we were in Japan, where we got them, how much they were and if they had item codes or not ^u^
    this first one is a Matoi figure we found in i believe a Trader2 store in Akihabara. it was about 3,500 yen or about $30.
    it did come with an item code, though i think it was expired.
    a helpful tip for searching for merch in bigger shops i found was asking for PS specifically, idk if im spelling this right but you could ask by saying "Phantasy Star arimasuka?" and they always seemed to understand and would let us know if they had anything we were looking for
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    so here we have stuff from the Sweets Paradise X PSO2 collab we were lucky enough to be there for we went to the location in Shinjuku and made reservations as the first time we went it was too busy to take walk-ins.
    the first photo is just of the giant figure they had when you walk in Cx
    the second photo is of the glass Rappy cups they had as an option to buy as well (we bought two, i think they were 500 yen each, or just under $5).
    the third photo is just of a cute little sign post they had to show where everything was in the cafe
    the fourth photo includes the figure in the first and the epic Nauras Cake Shop cargo buffet set-up Cx
    the fifth photo is just another shot of the Matoi figure from before, and one of the Rappy cups we bought
    we also got 7 item codes (you get 1 per item of food you order, i think) 4 bookmarks, 4 coasters, & 2 posters. i will show photos of those in another post here c:
    all together we ordered a LOT of stuff and bought a LOT of merch at Sweets Paradise alone, so ill estimate the totals of those in another post as well.
    (it was many Yens)
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    soo here we have photos of many of the goods that we got (almost all of them i think)
    in the first photo its mostly the Sweets Paradise collab goods; a HUnewearl/FOnewearl body pillow case (approx. 9,000 yen or $90),
    a set of 3 small plushes-Rappy, Lillipa, and Arkuma- (approx. 1,500 yen or $15),
    a pencil case with those 3 cuties all over it (approx. 1,000 yen or $9)
    3 card packs (approx. 250 each or $2)
    and then just a repeat of the Matoi figure.

    in the second photo there's the plushes and cards again.

    In the third photo there's pretty much everything (minus items codes themselves).
    so everything from before plus 4 concept art books, 4 bookmarks, 4 coasters, 2 pins, a CD, and a pencil case.
    the fourth photo is just of one of the PS Vitas we got to play PS Nova and PSO2 :3
    as for all the stuff~
    the first book- the 25th am I one, (from the left to right) and the last book (the rare retro concept art, it's the blue one) we found at Akihabara X, they were about 4,000 yen total or $40. the other 2 books we found at a Book Off in Ikebukuro (i think it was the one North-East of Ikebukuro Station, towards Sunshine City), those were about 5,000 yen, or just under $50 for both.
    We also found Phantasy Star Nova (Japan release only!!) in the same Book Off for a whopping 450 yen!!! ($4!!!)
    we saw Nova a few more times in other Book Offs in places like Akihabara and Shinjuku, etc. for under 1,000 yen. The two we got had WORKING item codes too!!! how lucky!!
    in the same Book Off we also found 1 PSO2 concert CD for somewhere under 1,000 yen.
    if you can see the last things in the photo are the 4 Holographic book marks we got from Sweets Paradise
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    oh are you sure? >< they all work for me :c

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    ya literally cant see any of the pics
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    Yeah, attachments tend to break most of the time. As others have suggested, it's better to link to an external site.

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