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    Default Newbie here, Gun centered build HELP

    Hello! I managed to fix my broken DS and decided to start playing this game.

    So, every time I play a RPG, if there is an option to make a bow/gun character, that's what I always go for. I would like to go for that kind of build for this game too. The problem is, this game has a lot of depth into it when it comes to characters, classes, weapons, etc. and to a newbie like me, it can be a little overwhelming. Can anybody recommend a good build that is centered around using guns? I've heard mech guns are good? Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks!

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    I'm biased, but I love casts and try to play with them whenever I can. While lacking the techniques the other races have, they can make up for a bit more power and essentially being entirely photon-art focused. Some gun-related photon arts (when you hold down the attack and then the attack charges up in full [can take different time based on weapon type]) are really powerful but take a bit to get used to; some are even really good but in super close range.

    Race aside, it really depends on the range you want to consider playing. Pistols on their own have decent range while mech guns seem to have a few good pieces open to classes other than rangers (thinking Crimson Vis; I think I'd find it interesting to try a FOmarl+Mech Gun setup, even if I don't know if it would be all that viable, it could be fun to play) and rifle range is really something (can target and shoot things you won't even see you have targeted other than target indication on lower screen).

    For any powerful weapons that are range (from laser cannons to bazookas, as well as almost all the ''cool looking'' old fashion rifles and mech guns) you'd have to definitely go with Ranger. Some of the heavy weapons are limited to CASTS, while the rest mostly end up being available for all. I'd say that while it might be a bit of a spoiler, definitely go through this site's weapon guide to see which weapons you might think you'll like, but first try to play around with every weapon TYPE to get a feel of them. Would be a shame to go for a character build you end up making to be able to equip a level 80 rifle only to not like how that plays out.

    I wish I could give you more advises on the class (which seems to be Ranger-focus for the gameplay you want to do) but all I have so far is a Garland Drei rifle I use with my HUcast and for the most part, I'm a melee figther but I did experiment with a RAcast a bit.

    EDIT: tfw you didn't realize thread is over a year old because it was just sitting there as second top post. Hits hard. Oh well, psz IS old....
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