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    Default How do you feel about HuSu?

    I kinda feel like trying it out some time for serious tanking but not sure if it's good enough to use in an expert mpa.
    Su gives what, ~32% unconditional damage boost without Point Assist and that's another 20+% iirc though only on select targets.
    Sounds decent enough when I can do up to 500k with Rising Edge on HuFi but I kinda still have my doubts.

    Wondering if people consider this a feasible choice for expert or if it's too weak.

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    Would depends on EQ and each person tho.
    Though it's rare to find one, I'm cool with it on 1 boss raid-type EQ.

    Or your usual guruguru thing.

    And for new players (that might get carried to expert by friend) ..... it's better than having too many random deaths.
    Sega kinda push new players to end-game very quick, so, yea, being able to tank, not die, and learn things ... I'm ok with it.

    Though I have to say, I think I'm quite lenient(?) on things ... so .....
    Oh, I usually going with pug, random block / auto fill thing when doing things like LQ / EQ.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mother clusterfck View Post
    not sure if it's good enough to use in an expert mpa.
    It's not.

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    my advice would be to test your damage on, say, downed Bal Rodos with your Hu/Fi and then try again with your Hu/Su experiment. do this a few times, note down the numbers, and compare. just dropping into an MPA with an unknown is a little rude imo.

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    It's not worth using over HuFi.

    Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't go Hu/Su, just know that you'll be doing less than you could be doing with Hu/Fi while having to deal with a huge pain (Point Assist). So play it if you REALLY want to.

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    I liked it a lot back then when it was new for guruguru maps, mostly because I hated Fi stances for a slow class like Hunter. But since they revamped Fi stances to do decent damage even in the wrong spot, husu kinda lost its main appeal though it does have some uses.

    Damage wise, Taja+brave is 77% more damage while Su inconditionals + point assist/support fire is 67%(75% if you hit element weakness), so if you can deal with point assist, you could do more dps with a single PA rotation instead of alternating(rising edge is a good example of this). Su is also slightly more tanky because of the extra defenses/dex/HP and HP restore(this one comes as a ring too), along with access to techs, so thats a plus I guess.

    That being said, both will work in tryhard MPAs, but husu will take extra work to make it worth it. Though in my personal opinion, Hunter in general already needs extra work compared to other classes to work in tryhard content.

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    this thread was made specially to bait me and it worked, bravo!

    Quote Originally Posted by Lostbob117 View Post
    It's not worth using over HuFi.

    Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't go Hu/Su, just know that you'll be doing less than you could be doing with Hu/Fi while having to deal with a huge pain (Point Assist).
    250% this ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    Quote Originally Posted by ZerotakerZX - the man stuck in 2014 View Post
    Kewl, I'm using double set still, since when crafted stat boosts can overcome any full 12* set.

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    Not baiting anyone lol.
    I wouldn't replace HuFi with it, I'd just use it occasionally on easy eqs. For example with most seasonals you get 4 runs with anywhere between 4-6 minutes to start the 4th and it unless you get lucky with a really good mpa you wont get 5 and unless you get unlucky with a bad mpa you won't get only 3, so my damage being a bit lower (though slightly mitigated by less healing) would not really make a difference in most cases.

    But yeah, I'll check the damage and quirks solo before I'll take it anywhere else.

    PS: if you use wise stance and are on the wrong side you only get 30% damage boost and Point is kinda comparable to Taja (e.g. the first pa of a combo won't get any taja benefits.
    Of course it's not as good as subbing fi but it's not a huge difference either.

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    roughly the same mods as hu/br with infinitely more bulk. if you're already running hu/br just make the switch, if you're using hu/fi you'll see a drop in damage but hu/su isn't about doing top damage. it's about bulk.

    you will tank EVERYTHING. nothing poses a threat to the sheer level of bulk a hu/su can have. my equipment isn't even that optimized and buffed i can pull in 32xx s-def with 29xx+ for r/t-def still. you will take 300 damage from an attack that will paste somebody for 3000+.

    and i mean EVERYTHING.

    100% certified quality post

    the pso-world forums are a pvp-enabled zone

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    Play whatever you want, even if you're doing no damage the rest will carry and there's nothing they can do about it other than cry. Boo hoo precious 1 minute of their important lives wasted tops. Making different builds used to be the only interesting part about this game because a) there is no endgame and b) there is not challenge. Too bad sega systematically removed all those interesting builds.

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