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    Default endless quest 2 thread

    i dont got much to say other than this is seriously poorly designed from a solo standpoint.. well share your own thoughts i guess

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    this thread too tbh

    The quest is very, VERY good for taking pictures in otherwise unavailable areas. That's a compliment!...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Maenara View Post
    I am literally not dealing with this.

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    My only thought for now
    for the love of god, nerf the Canyon stage. Expecting people to deal 200k x 60 (afaik it's 2 points per ? anyway it's way too much in any case) in a single stage s...huh....just effing no ?
    Aside from that great from a fun standpoint, very dirty but fun stages, and yeah solo is definitely hell in several stages so that's a RIP

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    I was really excited to see Vegas Illusia's new roulette attack. It died in 5 seconds. _(:3」∠)_
    (I think I've encountered the stage like 3 out of 10 runs, I guess you may have a chance to see it if you solo as well.)

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    endless 1 vs endless 2 spawn comparison

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    I always have the suspicion that SEGA adds more S abilities than they say they will, like V2s to some older ones. People should post their finds here just in case.

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    Stages are longer, with more enemies per stage, that are scattered all over and half of them are fucking stationary omega salamanders or archers.

    And yet somehow the seconds gained per stage clear is similar to Endless 1 and it's longer to reach intervals...

    I don't even know what kind of gross powercreep would be needed for the supposed 50m eternal loner title.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ceresa View Post
    I don't even know what kind of gross powercreep would be needed for the supposed 50m eternal loner title.
    You mean like the one that already happened with the 15*s we got less than 2 months ago?

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    at this point its not the damage we need but everything else.. better traveling for starters.. and sega needs to rebalance this trash because the time returned is nowhere whats needed for even just a 1 lap clear solo for classes not named gunner.. ok sure just get super lucky but thats bad from a design standpoint relying heavily on getting a shitload of stage buffs and xq stages.. not to mention the success buff itself almost feels necessary because of the drastically increased movement speed

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    I never did well in Endless because I guess my playstyle was never time efficient. But in this one, this is really against you while soloing. The spread out enemies is the most irritating part making you spend minutes just chasing them. ( especially the stupid reapers that abuse teleporting )

    Also, 30 second reward for Big Vardha as you waste 11 seconds in the cutscene alone and a few more to get to him? wut?

    The only stages I found interest in was the "Take no damage" ones because they felt interesting and reminded me of the TAs from before and it also felt douchey but in humorous ways like the Darker's Den one.

    Either way, It just is pretty bland. Also, what is the point of the medals that are in some stages?
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