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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Mits View Post
    Imagine if Sega did the following:
    For every costume/voice/lobby action/etc. ticket that you have unlocked, you will get it in PSO3 for free when it is implemented/coded in.

    I know I'd transfer to PSO3 since beta.
    I wouldn't because that would require kissing my class caps, gear and titles goodbye.
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    You guys dont seriously think youre going to get everything carried over right? Theyre going to make everyone start from scratch on a new game with maybe the option to import your characters looks (no accessories, costumes etc) at most. UNLESS they do a MASSIVE overhaul to the game completely and continue off where pso2 ends with the level cap at 200 as the game progresses or in pso3 they hit the 200 cap and go beyond maybe.

    I guess what im saying is it gets sorta a WoW treatment and they massively improve the game but we all know sega is with actual effort into things
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    Pretty interesting to see. I submitted my input.
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    Long survey. Looks like Sega is taking a feel on what to plan next.
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    Oh, keep it 600x180 px & 49KB, yah?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhylec View Post
    Long survey. Looks like Sega is taking a feel on what to plan next.
    Sonic costumes based on popular survey demand for the upcoming Sonic game

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    It's not that rare for digital games, specially online ones, to be ephemeral, and not rare at all in this franchise, if they decide to extend pso2 after "its time" they would either not improve it that much, or have to redo a lot of things, now the game is already "suffering" from having both classic clothes and layered, for example, if they improved graphics, what would they do with old clothes they are not allowed to sell again? would they take the effort for free? Portable clothes imported to PSU PC looked awful, that's what would happen if "PSO3" was a continuation to PSO2 and keeping all the content. I wouldn't mind a next step in combat either, make it more TPS, make it more HnS, whatever, pso2 was a huge step from PSU, and PSU was a great step from PSO, why shouldn't PSO3 do the same?

    All in all I really don't know what will sega do with this survey, neither I expect them to be thinking on releasing anything, the survey had A LOT of franchises I doubt they are ever going to use again, I don't think they are going to translate 4 Sakura Wars games, at most they are going to release the new one and re-release the one NisA translated. My wish would be yes to all of course, port PSOBB+EpIII, make it immortal with offline split screen and peer to peer online, the same to PSU episode 3 and everything portable, and 5/10 years from now, do the same to pso2 lol

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    all I want is to be able to keep my character's outfit(s) into the next PSO game, otherwise starting from scratch would be completely fine with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by XrosBlader821 View Post
    It's so weird that they lump PS Classic, Universe, Portable and Nova into one category while Online is specifically separated.
    TBH even if they will never do PSO2 western release at least give us a enhanced PS4 port of Nova.
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    I voted for any new Phantasy Star being localized, but lol never happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dhylec View Post
    Long survey. Looks like Sega is taking a feel on what to plan next.
    I agree, but I still dare to hope...for VR (^_^)
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