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    Default Reshade/SweetFX Version Question

    So I checked around the forums beforehand and it seems most of the reshade guides are a bit dated. Anyhow, I followed ARKs Layer reshade guide and downloaded the installer from their links. (This is the Arks Layer guide:

    So the latest release of Reshade-Installer-For-PSO2 according to ARKs Layer's link would be "ReShade installer for PSO2 v3.8" ( So just wanted to ask people who use reshade if this is the latest version of reshade that is compatible with PSO2?

    I can't seem to get it to work as I get a NP1015 error upon using the 3.8 version of reshade. Also I know this is an error related to Gameguard detecting changed files in the pso2_bin and I already tried Tweaker's GameGuard fix but didn't fix.

    Did anyone else experience this sort of problem with reshade and if so, how did you fix it? If not, what version of reshade are you using? Thanks~
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