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    Quote Originally Posted by Sayara View Post
    The thing that urks me a bit about this is the EXQ requirement, not the trigger thing. Nothing in the game (so far anyway) is going to ask anyone to have to juggle around the kinda stuff that quest asks for. At least not solo. The Mamapapa trigger being a damage check, and like say masquerade being a gear check because hes actually alot easier if you spent the time grinding for a 15star wep. Or if you get on one of those Malice stages requires actually good defensive units to survive.

    Or you know, actually do a gear check like some other MMOs do where if you don't reach a certain total you're barred from doing the content or something. I guess it doesn't really matter for me either way. I cant clear either thing with my current gear.
    I'm going to have to disagree there. Gear checks are the absolute worst shit considering it's fun to run some content with no units/1 star weapon to challenge yourself which is part of the beauty of this game IMO. I really hate to say this, but solo XQ is just a matter of getting good enough. Seriously if you are subbing hunter, then its doubly easy with automate. Otherwise just practice practice practice. Gear is definitely not the main limiting factor of content in this game. Unlike some other games that have pure vertical progression and the actual gameplay part is simple as washing dishes (like FFXIV), this game is absolutely 90% skill and 10% gear. The gear only matters when you are good enough to actually make 3% extra damage mean something. Otherwise you just have to be willing to practice a little, or don't do expert. It doesn't change what the game allows you to do.

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    I understand what you're saying. It just for a slow brain like myself, very overly complicated to do the many goals during each floor while trying not to die because for whatever reason everything hits harder.
    (Did it always do that, i dont even remember)

    "It looks cool this way, let's stop."

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    Dang guys I dunno what haappend. After that long argument with Kril lol I decided to give it a go

    and bang . It is complete lol

    Clear time

    I did get the title , not one but 3 !!!!

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    Lol not gonna pass the new requirements. Skill isn't something in my vocabulary when it comes to end-game, GG bosses. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheapgunner View Post
    Lol not gonna pass the new requirements. Skill isn't something in my vocabulary when it comes to end-game, GG bosses. xD
    I used no skill lol. I just cheesed it. Rising slash to get to the highest point of the map ( as IN UP and UP ) then press Q to lock onto the target and vapor bullet from the top.

    As for Phlaeg , I just timed my hero's will.

    There no skill needed

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    it's not like being in non-Expert means that you don't get to complete content. If anything, it's a blessing to have the game automatically block the elitists from joining my group.

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    Well I tried Phanatical a long time ago when I still was lvl 85 with 14*, I think now on lvl 90 with full lightstream and 15* I can handle it.
    And this trig: I think it's a time to try it out ... 'cause I never used it before lol. Deus is my favorite boss so I expect no troubles here too. And PSO2 day is really fine for this.

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    One problem with solo requirements can also be tied to potatoe web. In my case I suffer latencies which prevent me to want to keep trying harder (which mean improving my times for example) once cleared. No fun to attempt to because I know there always shit about to happen and that I CAN'T prevent it!

    Xpert already granted anyway xP

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    a few small tidbits from the Q&A;
    Armada EQ will use new Timed abilities, also new planetary crystal will be available for said new Abilities.
    Evleda unit upgrade will require Claesis Boosters.
    AIS Rings will also apply to AIS Vega
    It's heavily implied that Leonitas Cerificate B (which you get from Arks Missions) will be used on Phobos Weapons
    Zieg will still give weapons with +30 Grind cap, even after drop weapons are +35 cap.

    Other things:
    Apparently the 15* Dual Blades shown in the video had a really wide attack range.
    14* Mirage weapon series (Orbit successor) is tradeable. Not only are they stronger than orbit by default the PP regen effect scales with max PP.
    Gathering buffing food is getting buffed from 50% to 300%
    Armada EQ has no CF but weapons will be obtainable via Medal exchange
    Medals drop from EQ + Limited Arks Missions
    some of the 15* weapons in that exchange shop change PA behaviour
    example: Shift Period Bullets home in on the enemy instead of flying in all directions
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    I'm just glad that the new non-series 15* weapons have unique effects again (was a little bit worried that they were only going to stick to series-style 15* and forget about unique rares with distinct latent effects, like the TMG that gives Shift Period a homing emission effect.).

    They're also sparing us some pain by making it possible to acquire some of these 15* weapons through the implementation of the prize medal system - complete side achievements to collect prize medals, trade in medals for various items, including 15* weapons. Not entirely a cakewalk since the items will be on a limited-time rotation.

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