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    I doubt anyone comes here for vanilla PSO discussion anymore, but just thought I'd give a super condensed update of new things as of late in Ephinea. I'm enjoying it enough that I figure giving a small signal boost is still worth

    - Easter Event has started

    - Ult Cmode : This was added as of yesterday as a "beta." No rewards but it seems well tuned with new custom standard weapons and feels not "tacked on" but well balanced (for a first attempt)

    -QOL : Shared bank, no-tag EXP, PSO2 style loot, 32 char slots, addons to show info on screen such as buff/debuff level, drops, etc

    - Anguish Levels : These are akin to D3's "Torment" levels and offer an additional challenge to Ultimate in turn for additional rewards.

    - Seasons : While not currently active, these were explored last year but I still thought it was worth mentioning. With a healthy population, it's fun to start fresh.

    There's a ton of other great stuff that legitimately shocked me, so if anyone out there reads this that isn't already on the server, give it a shot! It truly lives up to the "vanilla with a breath of fresh air" moniker.
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    Thanks for the update!
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    Hey thanks for the update! Been meaning to play PSO again

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    Come check out Ephinea PSOBB and relive your PSO memories (or create them if you've never played the game before)!

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