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    Default Next Update 04/24/2019 (EPISODE 6)

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    Looking forward to this.
    Especially Damage number sizes & Class buffs

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    Aaaaaa, I can't wait! This month lasting just too long.

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    Finally. The moment we all have been waiting for lies on this very update. I have big hope in episode 6! \o/

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    I'm really looking forward to EP6, back to the SPACE sci-fi setting, and NOT your generic high school anime trope crap, and NOT some generic medieval crap.

    I'm also really looking forward to the return of the badass AIS Gundams, and not Dork Blasts...

    I'm really excited and can't wait!

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    Not to say anything about high schools... but ep5 was not the first time Phantasy Star did medieval.

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    Its just that Phantasy Star Classic did it better. It had a setting, and we weren't going into it expecting much, other than a medieval setting. I was seriously going into EP5 thinking the world of Omega was a retelling of the timeline of the original Phantasy Star, and Profound Darkness' presence was completely messing it up, roles changed, Lutz, a namesake to the classic series, corrupted by the Ephemera. Alisa fulfilling her duty once again as the heroine that defeated Dark Falz... and I set myself up for absolute failure for thinking on such levels. Heck, even Valna's last name was Lashiec. We did get some real cool parts out of that story though, like Double's origin story, which was the missing piece to who Double's host was in a previous life. Even Apprentice for that matter. The whole Akashic Record thing sounded interesting, but this was a bit poor in its execution for something that's supposed to remember the history of everything.

    Let's hope returning to space this time is the return to roots PSO2 deserves.
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    Omega being a dream of the Akashic Record I thought they would do a lot of crazy stuff due to...well....Akashic Records being a goddamn library/memory of all existence where random dimensional chaotic shit can possibly happens but no....they went to a totally boring generic isekai safe route it failed miserably anyway. The final chapter was okay tho but could've been better with all the plot material they had in hand. They hyped so much with Alisa's return during the early stage of the story and yet she didn't do much other than dealing with the Dragon then went AWOL for the rest of the episode till the last chapter.

    Here's hoping they had someone better to write EP6's plot but....I'm still skeptical about it.

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    Ep5 story had so much time to be developed, specially with game going downhill for more than 6 months. I wonder why we didnít get more story content?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wahahaha View Post
    Ep5 story had so much time to be developed, specially with game going downhill for more than 6 months. I wonder why we didnít get more story content?
    Hero pissed off a metric ton of people to the point SEGA had to change their focus on what they were doing to fix that problem.

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