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    Yawn. The chapter is called "Turning the tables", but all I'm seeing is "Boring invincible villain bodies everyone".

    Of course ep 4 is the key to it all, something I expected as soon as Shiva appeared in ep 5's epilogue. Hopefully that will be the chance to redeem this snoozefest.

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    I don't know why you still persist with everything other than EP4/Earth/Mcgufffin plot device is boring/insignificant.
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    Dude, I liked ep 3 and seeing all the ep 3 characters get bodied by YSOK's waifu was annoying. What's the point - like, if we didn't have this chapter happen at all, what would change in the story? All we managed is kill a personality-less villain who is more walking plot device than a real character, la dee dah.

    The story really is spinning its wheels right now. We had the exact same thing - "characters try their best to create a cunning plan but it fails because Shiva is just TOO STRONG" happen what, 3 times in a row now? It's been like that ever since Xiao came back. Wake me up when the situation changes.
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    TehCubey has a point.

    The way Shiva is handled as a villain is kinda boring, bordering on Villain Sue. In the hands of a good writer, a villain that's powerful and scoring victories can add to the plot, not detract from it. A proper balance where the villain is dominating the heroes but also can struggle to do so at certain points has to be struck so that the audience is invested in what's going on rather than being disinterested. By making Shiva so damn invincible, the story kills off any tension that it could have because now players are expecting without any doubt for Shiva to either just no-sell whatever's thrown at her or pull off an UNO reverse card from nowhere. Like, I just watched the latest story patch waiting and expecting for Shiva to somehow undo whatever the heroes try to kill her with. I should be entertained, not apathetically waiting for the boring inevitable. Yeah, she's definitely going to lose by the end of this story arc but at this rate, when it happens, it'll likely require some big ass pull from the heroes at the last minute.

    Even Thanos, as overpowered as he was (Infinity Stones or not), struggled to accomplish his goals.

    Maybe this is some kind of reactionary response to how comically incompetent the previous villains from EP4 and 5 were. If it is, they overdid it.

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    Oh I really miss all those previous villains that basically either evaporated or tactfully retreated from everyone encounter with our character before. If anything Shiva is disappointing because while being the nearly first thing Arks just can't overpower easily by throwing their all star team, she manages to do absolutely no irrecoverable damage. We had nameless AIS and ships getting destroyed, but every named character successfully pulled back after encountering her. She didn't destroy Oracle but merely hijacked it so we know she did absolutely nothing worthwhile. Encounters with her are if anything boring not because we know she won't perish mid chapter to completely flip story progression, but rather because then it's back to status quo. Shiva already in this chapter struggled because in the end she has killed not Sukunahime nor anything named, but merely lost a named character herself.

    The only way to get high stakes encounter is to just let Shiva delete a bunch of named Arks but that would make players cry about their favouring character being dead, even if that character hasn't been plot relevant since a while. But hey we're at the point where we brought back all the major villains from EP1-3 just for fanservice.

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    On the other hand the Photoners considered everything a game up to this point.With Mithra's "death" it looks like Shiva took off the kiddy gloves.

    I find this refreshing so far because I was sick of the player being the mary sue because they could solve any situation by simply existing lol.Shiva will get hers just wait for it guys.

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    ... In one of the Sub Stories, did Io imitate Kyouka only to remember after the fact that she's in the middle of the Shopping Area? Poor Girl.
    On a side note I really want to know what Kyoukas deals is by now, I mean aside from being a total Chuuni. From what I understand even Quna is starting to question him about things but my Moonspeak is too weak to make things out properly. I understand some things but not all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loafhero View Post
    Even Thanos, as overpowered as he was (Infinity Stones or not), struggled to accomplish his goals.
    This is a funny comparison because Thanos only struggled to get one infinity stone (unless u refer to the comics which i doubt).
    Power Stone - He got it effortlessly by obliterating Xandar offscreen.
    Space Stone - He got it effortlessly by beating the shit out of Thor. He beat up Hulk so bad he was too scared to come out for the rest of the movie.
    Reality Stone - He got it effortlessly by obliterating Knowhere. He even toyed with Starlord and Gamora like if he knew they can't touch him.
    Soul Stone - He killed the only thing he truly loved to obtain it, despite this he didn't hesitate.
    Time Stone - He had to beat up Ironman and co. in a one sided fight. The avengers only nearly won due to Mantis sleeping ability.
    Mind Stone - His Minions struggled but as soon as Thanos showed up on Earth it was over.

    I think what ya'll are trying to say here is that Shiva lacks a sympathetic side to her character. She's Evil just because and that's pretty boring. Thanos wasn't fun to watch because he struggled. As soon as he took matter into his own hands he didn't struggle. Thanos had a sympathetic side to him. He wasn't wrong in his theory to save the universe, he was just a extremist in his ideas. Despite this he was a loving father (at least from his perspective).

    What's Shivas backstory? Everything we know that makes her Human is attributed to Harriet, who ironically is a gun, not a human.
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    Killing off a couple of goofy irrelevent characters like Kyokuya, Io, Katori and etc would be a start lol.

    Would probably not change anything but some simply exist for existing, Io is an example of that...just a Kouhai trope character that they forcefully want us to get attached to. Her dewman trait could make her relevant but she'd end up being a background character that still gets a spotlight and have cutscene until now for some reason. Pietro getting sacked by his pets is more enjoyable to watch.
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    eh, it hasn't be quite like yall are making it out to be; 6-1 was us getting stomped yeah, 6-2 was really just us getting xiao back, 6-3-1 was us thinking we could try to strike back but realizing we didn't really have much of a plan so of course it was doomed, and 6-3-2 here was us trying to leverage a connection we used before when we needed to attempt to seal away the rogue dark falz amalgamation profound darkness.

    but now I imagine we're finally getting to addressing the thing they've been saying since the end of episode 5: "dang its like photons dont work on her, I guess we'll have to try something else..."

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