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    what we need its actually tackyons , its hypothetical particle that travels faster than light (know in casual terms as the particle of time) , im sure the story will turn out that our character had this power since EP2 (when Xiao give us the time travel skill) but never learn how to use it in combat until now

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    So... We're already getting more story content on 02/10? Talk about weird time gaps. Regardless, I hope we see Sukuna-hime anytime soon.

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    yeah they seem to just not like doing main story chapters during limted quest events for some reason; so every time they take like 3 months for the new years carnival and anniversary content they just like, dont do any story, and it has always felt weird. people kept saying they forgot about the story in early ep4, people also kept saying they forgot about the story in early ep5, and I was starting to hear all that again for ep6 until a month or two ago

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    Is it me or does Varuna have clearer and sharper textures than the rest? He appears to be crisper than everyone else in the same room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorak000 View Post
    Sara and Lisa were not using Photons in 6-1; the problem Sara quickly ran into is that while manually flinging the wired lances around was bypassing shiva's barriers, it just meant Shiva had to uh, actually try to defend herself. and well, just because we can't use photons against her doesn't mean she can't use her photons/darker energy against us!

    We need to find a different source of power in order to both bypass her photon draining ability, and to actually hold a candle against her in combat

    How's that working out so far?
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    If we can't use Photons, then what about Ether?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loyd Azakuya View Post
    If we can't use Photons, then what about Ether?
    dont mention the forbbiden word :U

    ok now lets be serious , we have as alternative sources , the one from PS nova , the chips from PSO2es which are of common use in the story

    hell even the technologie of the ezimaruth(from mention game) that allow them to control darkers could be of use at least for turn the darkers against shiva, causing a civil war

    edit: talking about it , Yucrita can overcome her dark falz past if she learn to summon and command the darkers , hell she can be the founder of our long waited R-atk/T-atk class (equivalent of braver and bouncer)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loyd Azakuya View Post
    If we can't use Photons, then what about Ether?
    ether is basically just photons that have been geared more for communication and "creation" rather than combat iirc

    all the ether-themed weaponry we've seen has been laughable at best when compared to the arks' current technology level

    like, we could throw the phantasmal battleship yamato at the armada of demise but i don't see it taking luster cannon fire very well
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    Counterattack failed. Shiva's powerlevels are off the charts she alone took down a dozen of AIS Vega like it was nothing. They needed Sukunahime's help to seal/weaken Shiva's absurd level of negaphotons, just like how they tried to seal PD on Naberius back in EP3.

    Inb4 it didnt work and we're back to going to Earth.

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    Well, if we're going back to Harkotan it might explain why Ultra Magatsu has been datamined.
    Quote Originally Posted by GHNeko View Post
    oh boy cant wait for this class to be op on release and for everyone and their mom to run only this class for a week and failing all the EQs.

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