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    That was....bad, they sacrified an entire chapter to showcase characters globally hated, literally nothing happened, hyped over omega next though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meteor Weapon View Post
    My hate for PSO2 Earth is intensified, the latest chapter is such a complete waste of time and there wasn't any other point of it other than "HEY REMEMBER ANIMATION!??!, HEY REMEMBER EPISODE EARTH!?!?!" Mother wasnt even relevant.
    like dewey memes would say : i wasnt expecting anything and still disapoint me

    i mean , they had 1 job , 1 job and was redemm Mother and/or Aru dammit , make them the targets of the invasion instead of a silly revenge on Phaleg,

    also where was the phantoms or the pirate darkers (reminding Aru) to help against the invasion?

    and why they still bother with elements that the team itself are ashame ? i have no clue U_U

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    A whole chapter just to show that Earth doesn't need our help.
    Kind of a wasted chapter imo.

    Also isn't Shiva kind of overreacting ? "You took my preys away from me ? Okay I'm getting rid of your planet then."
    Quote Originally Posted by GHNeko View Post
    oh boy cant wait for this class to be op on release and for everyone and their mom to run only this class for a week and failing all the EQs.

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    The story has been spinning its wheels since Xiao returned. There was no progress, only "people try different things but then Shiva wrecks them".

    Except this time it's Shiva's forces that get wrecked instead. I laughed in glee when the Yamato appeared, and when Phaleg started mowing down fools left and right. Unlike ep 3 which was trampled over and disrespected, ep 4 shows that Mary Sue villains have no place on Earth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kintama View Post
    That was....bad, they sacrified an entire chapter to showcase characters globally hated, literally nothing happened, hyped over omega next though.
    Lol. Only the western fanbase hates ep 4, but then the western fanbase also thinks its tastes are shared by the whole world.

    The salt in this thread nourishes me.

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    You missed the point that they could done something more meaningful with Earth like reviving Mother, but they completely wasted it with just showing off these characters. This entire chapter is so tunnel visioned towards those characters its stupid on a whole new level, you have a fleet of alien ships invading Earth and they made it look like a mini skirmish on Tokyo, no pedestrian scream, no chaos, no panic, as if other humans dont even exist. Dont give me that quantum stealth bullshit,, they can't do that on something already happening worldwide without a massive panic.

    Them showing Earth having EDF level of defense by using ether powered weaponary wouldve made things a lot better.

    I don't care if you like EP4 crap but being completely bias as if its better than other EP story stuff and then diss others for hating it is just being absolutely delusional.

    Oh and im asian who lives in asia so your argument about western fanbase hating it fell flat.
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    Western fanbase is less about your physical location and more the circlejerks you're in. Such as pso-w. And reviving Mom? Please, if that happened this forum would be complaining how the story is unrealistic because there are no stakes and characters can't even stay dead.

    Also, there are no crowds because everyone is under quarantine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TehCubey View Post
    there are no crowds because everyone is under quarantine.

    For me the concept of killing Xion or Mother is still too strange, the only clear one was Xiao, since Shiva took the mothership and corrupted it, but how was Xion, THE PLANET, killed in Episode 2? and Mother? the Moon is still there, why did she die?
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    We pretty much killed Xion's consciousness through Luther, how Luther even survived that I have no idea. Due to her connection with Clarissa rod some of her remnants did survived in it, quietly until Persona called her out.

    I'm assuming Mother only went to deep slumber.
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    Mother was effectively bleeding out after the battle with Deus thanks to his sword beam that hit her (the moon)
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    And...the moon went back to normal after the battle lol

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