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    Quote Originally Posted by XrosBlader821 View Post
    What's Shivas backstory? Everything we know that makes her Human is attributed to Harriet, who ironically is a gun, not a human.
    A pure soul that is tainted by the profound darkness, thus becoming it in the process. It's lazy and boring, which is what I expect from sega these days.

    And speaking of lazy and boring, check out every other event with a certain character appearing in the shop area. Most of the time it ends up like this:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xerenia View Post
    Oh no! What am i going to do, this was my whole entire life, and now it's going to be gone. :C Guess i'll just go and troll other proxies. \_(ツ)_/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zorak000 View Post
    but now I imagine we're finally getting to addressing the thing they've been saying since the end of episode 5: "dang its like photons dont work on her, I guess we'll have to try something else..."
    I'm glad we've spent an entire episode just to contextualize a mc guffin.
    And i highly doubt Sega will go all in and invent Ether Arts, It's just gonna be a story-only BS. But hey at least EP4 finally will start feeling less pointless.

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    On a whole it feels like a lot of what's going on is why I actually think "show don't tell" has its limits. They're basically just establishing what does and doesn't work on Shiva, which I think is important to get out of the way, but it feels a bit drawn out because by this point it would be easier to establish what does. It's not like there hasn't been any meaningful pushback, just that it's going slowly. Combine that with Shiva being a lot more proactive than characters like her usually are, and it kinda gets to the point of "yeah, we get it". If there's any problem with Shiva it's that she shows up too often. It's not that characters who nosell everything until you find a good solution can't work, but those kinds of characters work best when you see them do that maybe once or twice.

    It kinda gives me the impression that they're just trying to get everything out of the way (and explain why space magatsu happened), so there isn't any but "but why don't they try X?". There's just so many things to try that it's ending up long in the tooth, and a lot of it probably could have been skipped. I'm still waiting to see where this goes, because, despite people saying the characters would have to pull something out of their ass, pretty much everything that's worked somewhat has been stuff that's already established as existing. And it's not like Tsukihime's plan didn't work, it just missed its mark.

    I'm pretty sure Alma is going to end up being the solution though. They went out of their way to point out that her powers are explicitly not photon based, and might actually be literal magic, which is something the phantasy star games have been missing for a while, so I'd like to see that come back.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirius-91 View Post
    A pure soul that is tainted by the profound darkness, thus becoming it in the process. It's lazy and boring, which is what I expect from sega these days.
    I mean, it's easy to call something lazy and boring when you oversimplify it, get it wrong, and leave out all the important parts. She isn't a "pure soul" that got corrupted, she's literally got no soul at all, because the photoners removed it to make her an empty shell as a trap for the PD. Shiva's "pure soul" is Hariette. Shiva's backstory is actually pretty interesting conceptually, even if the character herself is pretty bland. Granted, I genuinely find the setting and lore interesting despite the story, so maybe that's just me.

    Quote Originally Posted by Meteor Weapon View Post
    Killing off a couple of goofy irrelevent characters like Kyokuya, Io, Katori and etc would be a start lol.

    Would probably not change anything but some simply exist for existing, Io is an example of that...just a Kouhai trope character that they forcefully want us to get attached to. Her dewman trait could make her relevant but she'd end up being a background character that still gets a spotlight and have cutscene until now for some reason. Pietro getting sacked by his pets is more enjoyable to watch.
    I don't think killing off class trainers that aren't really tied into the story overall would have much impact. Io is just around because she's popular. If they were going to kill off a character I think it would need to be someone actually relevant. I've personally never been a fan of "kill character for tension" as a plot device unless it has a lot of weight, but I do agree that Shiva kinda feels like she has no fangs with how distant everything she's done feels from what we're doing. It's something the game kinda struggled with in general, and I think the new anime really highlights it, because I feel the stakes a LOT higher there, than I do ingame, and they're literally just killing off random nameless people.
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    It doesn't really help that everything Shiva has done is kind of something a Dark Falz already did. Possessing the Mothership was something Luther did already and attacking Harukotan was something Double already did when they ate the entire Black tribe. I mean, even when she first showed up and fought us, it could be like how it was when Elder first came up. Shiva hasn't done anything that stands out and really brings home the tension other than kick our ass for the 3rd time. They really gotta do something more with Shiva.

    I can't say exactly what that something could be though as what is deemed tense or more could vary from person to person.
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    Changing the subject a bit, to rest and regain strength ...


    By the way, and if you don't know it, "ruco" in Spanish is a derogatory way of calling someone "old man." If you are going to translate that name, I would suggest changing it to "Luco", which has no special meaning in Spanish.

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    I'm not sure if Sega wanted to have Shiva being the kind of villain who wants to be stopped before she gets bored and destroy everything instantly. They've been implying that PD's full resurrection would instantly destroy the universe. Since Shiva is PD itself I'm wondering if she's just holding back and just waiting, giving chance for the main cast to find a way and stop her , even if it means her tampering their plans just to see how far they'd struggle to stop her. I'm not sure if Mother's involvement would even put a dent on Shiva considering Ether itself is implied to be another variant of Photon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrCatco View Post
    Changing the subject a bit, to rest and regain strength ...


    By the way, and if you don't know it, "ruco" in Spanish is a derogatory way of calling someone "old man." If you are going to translate that name, I would suggest changing it to "Luco", which has no special meaning in Spanish.
    I'm pretty sure Luco is her, Lucotte

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    Quote Originally Posted by XrosBlader821 View Post
    This is a funny comparison because Thanos only struggled to get one infinity stone (unless u refer to the comics which i doubt).
    I think what ya'll are trying to say here is that Shiva lacks a sympathetic side to her character. She's Evil just because and that's pretty boring. Thanos wasn't fun to watch because he struggled. As soon as he took matter into his own hands he didn't struggle. Thanos had a sympathetic side to him. He wasn't wrong in his theory to save the universe, he was just a extremist in his ideas. Despite this he was a loving father (at least from his perspective).
    That's not it, at least for me. It doesn't matter if she's sympathetic or not. You can do a villain with no sympathetic qualities and still make them fun to watch. Hell, the game itself pulled this off years ago with Shiva's "brother", Luther. Flawed as EP2 was, at least I was entertained with how unrepentantly evil he was. And, though I don't want to derail this conversation too much with the MCU again, the best example of Shiva done right there is Hela, a goddess of "demise" herself. No sympathetic qualities and wrecks the heroes with relative ease through sheer brute force yet its not boring to watch her.

    As everyone else said, the other factor to why Shiva and the plot to beat her is bland right now is because the audience is already aware of what doesn't work against Shiva but the plot insists on drawing out the conflict until a solution is introduced without doing anything interesting in-between beyond reminding us that Shiva is just too OP... again. Even seemingly obvious solutions like siccing Phaleg on Shiva is rendered null, even though Phaleg should be a very hard counter to Shiva.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meteor Weapon View Post
    I'm pretty sure Luco is her, Lucotte
    Ah, thank godness. I didn't know about that, sorry

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    I'm still waiting for Reda, the cornerstone of ARKS, to awaken and lead us to victory.

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