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    Finally got it, thanks. All grind titles obtained. :'>

    Hey, I'm looking to buy the weapon, Floating Edges. Japanese name: フローティングエッジズ
    Not to be confused with the easily found NT version, I need the OT Floating Edges for the grind title. It's the last one I need. ^-^"
    It's a 10* twin dagger and apparently no longer available as a drop.
    Shops haven't had it in ages, I was hoping someone might have one laying around in their storage somewhere.
    I know this sub-forum is pretty much dead, but I thought I'd give it a go anyways.. just name your price.

    I'm on Ship 2. (also ship 1 and 6)
    Player ID: Loveabelle
    Char Name: Ayumi
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