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Thread: ultra hard

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    when i was but a small force, level 12 or something, in the episode 1 days, i ran into a gwanahda on the field.

    i was not yet intimate with the game's mechanics, so it killed me twice with its suction/grab attack. one time i got killed by it twice from the same gwanahda.

    grana gwanahda invokes these memories with its grab. that grab will kill you if you are alone. you will be pulled in from mid-air, and repeatedly chomped, and the grana gwanahda bits will shoot at you while you're in the air, and then you will be thrown and die. do not take it lightly.
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    This UH exploration is somehow more chaotic than UQ & Forest/Cave/Coast XH combined.
    I like it.

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    How's the EXP, better than XH?
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    So much weapons, but I don't really need anything atm. Is anyone of new weapons has multiclass usage at least?

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    incapacitations everywhere

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    For those who don't know, you can stun gwanada when it grabs someone.

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    Are the new Resonant 15* weapons area drops or boss specific?

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    the EX souls can combine with free field boss souls to create their "X The Soul" counterpart with a 90% rate

    "Crack I" can be fused up to "Crack V", where it has 30 all-atk, 50 all-def, and I guess 30hp and whatever PP; appears to be the same rates as Lesser abilities and Returner

    the weapon-exclusive abilities like Divine Will are all non-transferable; the last Arks Live said they were doing this to "help" affixing (this doesnt help units at all haha) but I assume this is just a bandage fix

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    I had litterally nothing but meseta and cubes in my run. Bosses gave one unit and one weapon, end boss gave one unit and two weapons.
    I expected more difficulty. I assume soloing is where it will come into play.
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    my only issues with UH is that I feel like the healing reductions are kinda just annoying but whatever

    and also I feel like UH gwan's suction move is way too strong, its basically impossible to not get grabbed in solo, and even in MPAs you have one person who likely ends up being the sacrificial lamb while everyone else tries to break the bits.

    the rainbow drop rate is absolutely insane though on easter, I got like 7 drops (6 13*'s, 1 14*) within the 3 UH runs of it I did.

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