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    Default Why does my friend partner use Illgrants and Foie no matter what tech I set it to?

    Not a huge concern but I was curious if maybe they changed this over time to have some default set to each friend partner or something. This never happened on my older account where I could set them to use only illfoie or x move. I also see my friends still able to set their char just fine.

    I also thought maybe it was them needing to be used x amount of times before they "followed orders" but its been months now and nothing.

    Anyone else ran into this?

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    This seems to be an issue with 2-button and 3-button mouse layout.
    Basically you need to "delete" your 2-button weapon pallets. Go to options, select 2-button mouse layout, then delete everything from there. Then revert to 3-button layout, fix everything that may seem off, and then re-register your Friend Partner. This should fix it.

    It's possible that when Episode 6 hit the servers, some old deleted settings were "reverted". I know because I somehow had old friend requests reappear again when EP6 hit, but I had deleted those requests months ago.

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    I never used 3 button mode so I would've never have figured that out. Thanks big time.

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    Friend partner uses mpal1 (main palette) and spal1 (sub palette) for auto action. by using 3-button action means you have 6 slot on mpal1. partner stat are determined only by rarity of equipment, ignoring affixes completely.

    for reference i set my Te/Ra (allure rifle) friend partner by this pattern
    main palette:
    Shifta, Normal Rifle attack, Zanverse | Megiverse, Deband, Zondeel
    sub pallete
    Weak Bullet, Gravity Bomb, Stun Bomb, Resta, Anti | Moon Atomizer, Sol Atomizer, Star Atomizer, Nagrants, Rabarta

    personality stat is same like Annete's partner card
    Nature: Intellectual
    Trait: Braves Adversity
    Inclination: Guardian

    this one is best fit for my use. it cast zanverse, uses weak bullet, cast shifta/deband properly.

    other personality stat even cause the partner not even loading Weak Bullet which is annoying, or not using -verse tech at all, or casting Shifta/Deband only when the quest is completed (yea wtf)

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