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    Default Is there a build for hybrid Braver?

    I've jumped back into PSO2 and wanted to originally play Bouncer, bought a DEX mag since I was planning on going for a Bouncer/Phantom character , but Bouncer wasn't really for me so I've decided to play Braver/Hunter for the time being.

    I don't want this DEX mag to go to waste, I know hybrid builds for Braver are a thing and I imagine a DEX mag would help out in that build so I was wondering if there's a general purpose build for hybrid Braver.

    I've tried digging around for information regarding a build but my searches are turning up empty, probably because everyone does Katana or Bow only builds these days.

    I'll probably use Katana the most with Bow being used for certain situations like bosses.

    Thanks very much in advance.
    Playing PSO2, PSOBB and PSP2i!

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    braver currently has enough skill points to take all katana and bow skills,providing you take a single stance,at least,thats how i have my braver set up,that is pretty much what you described

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