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    How will it have everything, when they have so many collaborations and shit.

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    I'm concerned about this as a business move for the future of Phantasy Star localization, but will be fun to play with friends again during the initial hype.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dark Priest View Post
    what do you have against tweaker, did it touch you inappropriately?
    That or he's a snob who can read Japanese and thinks anyone who can't shouldn't be playing.

    As for an IP ban, server mergers or data transfer, guess we'll see how smart SEGA and M$ are. Do they really think that people who have been playing this game for all of these years will want to start over? Let's see if they play their cards right.
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    If the western version ends up being the reason sega carpet bombs all non jp ip in order to force people to play on the "global" server will make me choke all those "yay western version finally" supporters

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anduril View Post
    The IP block on China was an attempt to stop RMT, and the one on SEA was at AsiaSoft's request, so unless SoA or Microsoft request there be a block (which neither did during the PSU era), then I doubt they would put one up just becuase there is an NA server.
    Thanks for clarifying.
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    Whaaaaaaaa! Crazy news
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay6 View Post
    *snip*Oh crap! Potential incoming region locks... MY PROGRESS!! ;_;
    Basically this.

    I don't think I'll be up to start all over again. Can't wait to know more about it. At least if they do region locks I will be able to look at my steam library again. So much stuff I've yet to play.

    Edit: I really hop Anduril is right. No more bitching at my isp would be nice
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    I have so much time spent on the game already (2.5k hours) I don't know if i should be happy or not. This is great news but do i really want to start from scratch again. Would be amazing move to offer server transfer to ENG servers. Highly unlikely but amazing. If it means losing all the collab items, then so be it. I don't want to lose my progress.
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    Why is this happening? Who is responsible for this? WHO IS STILL ASKING FOR THIS!? Just don't fuck with my ability to play on JP servers and I don't care, but I can't say I'm not spooked about losing all my progress because microsoft gets pissy that "why is the player count so low on our servers?" and asking sega to IP block our regions. I refuse to ever believe in SoA doing this series justice with their "services".

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