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    Quote Originally Posted by MiyenHalo View Post
    looking forward to playing PSO2 next week. here's a screenshot I took just as PSU shut down. Even though I'm still a bit disappointed in SEGA, I did have fun playing PSU.
    That server closure is a weird bittersweet memory to me. Will be nice to see people from the old days around on PSO2 if it happens.
    ( ・ω・)ノ゙

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    So weird to be back on this forum! Iíve also started up PSO2. Ship 2, character name is Z!

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    o/ (first post in ages)

    Sadly i think i may have to return to the slumber.
    The changes between pso2 and psu are too big for me to accept. not only the gameplay changes but allso the cash shop. (comon sega, scapedoll only avalible for RL cash while they was 5k meseta in psu....)

    Wonder if sega ever will make a psu2....
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    Quote Originally Posted by EMPYREAN View Post
    Wonder if sega ever will make a psu2....
    I doubt that will ever happen. Don't think PSU did fare as well as Sega expected it to, even though PSP2 did help it a lot in Japan.

    On the scape doll part, it doesn't bother me as we have a lot of available mobility / escape tools that we lacked in PSU, which was one of the main complaints at the time, but I can understand why it would bother someone that was used to it.
    ( ・ω・)ノ゙

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